This school just proved liberals don’t care about protecting female students

Oct 11, 2023

Liberals are all about protecting women, as long as they can create a narrative to advance their agenda.

Unfortunately for girls in school, they are finding out that unless their sexual assault advances a liberal cause, their protection is not a priority.

And it can be seen as clear as day in this case, where a New York school was ordered to pay a student for this dramatic failure to protect a female student.

New York student was violently assaulted, and it was recorded and posted on social media

New York City is falling into a state of total lawlessness.

Crime has completely taken over the streets, and people in the city have never felt more endangered.

But the crime is impacting more than just the streets of New York — it’s also rampant in the school systems.

Transit Tech High School recently found itself in the spotlight after an attack on a 14-year-old female student.

The school has been fostering a “dangerous environment,” which led to the physical assault on the young girl by a group of male classmates.

The female student was forced to perform oral sex on one of the boys while others looked on.

One of the perpetrators recorded the incident and posted it online for his followers on TikTok and Snapchat.

The young girl quickly reported the incident to the NYPD, and two of the boys were arrested.

Now a lawyer representing the girl is claiming that the city didn’t do enough to protect her and punish the assailants.

Charges were dropped, and the principal at the school told the mother, “Kids are kids”

A week following the arrest, the charges were dropped against the boys.

Brookly District Attorney Eric Gonzalez has not commented on the case, citing the involvement of juvenile defendants.

It’s unclear whether charges will be refiled, but the girl’s lawyer said the school had erased the surveillance footage of the incident.

The lawyer says that the social media video has been archived and is still available.

The parents of the victim have transferred her to another school after what they claim was a cover-up by the administration.

The girl’s mother said that the principal, Marlon Bynum, heartlessly told her, “Kids are kids.”

The mother also indicated that she received an email from the Department of Education stating that a probe into the incident didn’t provide any “behavior” that violated harassment laws in the state.

The lawyer wrote in the lawsuit that “school officials simply raised their hands and turned their backs” on the girl.

The school failed to respond adequately, and now a court is being ordered to pay restitution to the child.

Court ordered the school to pay out $200,000 to the traumatized girl

The suit claimed that Principal Bynum as well as other school faculty members “were aware that female students were regularly harassed and subjected to abuse, and that sexual activity was occurring within the school.”

The lawyer argued that the girl had suffered severe physical and mental trauma during the incident at the school.

The family reached a settlement with the school district, which will be paid for by the city of New York.

The girl will receive a $200,000 payment—which will amount to $132,170 after legal fees.

This school has a history of law enforcement visits, and multiple legal referrals had been made in the year of the incident.

This tragic situation might be pushed under the rug by administrators, but it won’t be forgotten by students at the school or their parents.

But the silence of liberal feminists shows again that the safety of women is never their priority, only the advancement of their cause.

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