Catholics feel betrayed when the Pope sends out this condescending letter

Nov 3, 2023

Pope Francis has set himself apart from other Popes with his politically charged, left-leaning ideals, which have caused major riffs in the Vatican.

Whether it is homosexuality, climate change, or foreign conflicts, Pope Francis has started to sound more like Justin Trudeau than the head of the largest Christian denomination.

Now, many Catholics feel absolutely betrayed by his latest letter that they feel is condescending.

The Pope’s latest move has many Catholics feeling betrayed and bewildered

Few individuals in the world have as much power and influence as the Pope.

In years past, the Pope has served as a central figure in peace negotiations and other humanitarian efforts.

However, Pope Francis has taken things a step further, using his voice and influence to espouse controversial opinions.

Earlier this month, Pope Francis issued a letter titled “Laudate Deum,” which is Latin for “Praise God.”

In the letter, Pope Francis makes a number of bold claims about climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, often citing the controversial findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) acknowledged the letter but stopped short of praising it or accepting it.

Many Catholics are outraged at the Pope’s dabbling in politics and controversial issues like climate change.

Philosopher Michael Pakaluk is among those who reject the Pope’s letter, rhetorically asking, “Why cite an authority to support you, if it doesn’t support you?”

Pakaluk claimed in his rebuke that, “Laudate Deum consistently turns qualified statements about the world into certainties appropriate only for articles of faith. Unlike a truly scientific discussion, it does not review counter-objections or conflicting evidence.”

He added that the papal letter also “speaks derisively of anyone who would disagree with its assertions. Such people are attempting ‘to deny, conceal, gloss over or relativize the issue.’ Scientists, too, who disagree only ‘seek to deny the evidence.’”

One of the most shocking claims found in the Pope’s recently released letter is a claim that the Coronavirus pandemic is an obvious retribution from God for humankind’s failure to act on what he deems to be a climate crisis.

These controversial claims are a major departure from Papal tradition, as they overtly tread into the realm of politics, alienating millions of Catholics across the world.

The Pope’s dabbling in politics will only turn more people away from the church

The sad truth is that more Christians turn their back on their faith on a daily basis, creating a recruitment crisis for nearly every church across the nation.

This letter released by the Pope not only fails to address these major concerns, but it turns even more potential worshipers away from Catholicism due to its overt politically charged nature.

Not only did the Pope fail to address differing viewpoints, but he shut down differing viewpoints, citing globalist, far-left organizations that often stand in direct opposition to the mission of the church.

If the Pope hopes to improve the church’s standing, then he should consider keeping his mouth sealed about issues he knows little about.

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