Fans knew this losing team needed coaching changes. But they were stunned by who the team fired

Nov 3, 2023

For Chicago Bears fans, the 2023 NFL season has so far been a major disappointment to say the very least.

After starting the season at 2-6, many Bears fans are demanding change, especially in the coaching department.

But football fans were stunned when they fired this coach for some very strange reasons.

The Chicago Bears just made it clear to their fans that change is on the horizon

Few sports franchises have the history, following, and success over the years as the Chicago Bears do.

However, in recent years, the Chicago Bears have failed to win games, going 3-14 last year, and beginning the 2023 season at 2-6.

There are many reasons for this lack of success; however, any Bears fan will tell you that their problems begin with their coaches.

To the delight of Bears fans, the Chicago Bears announced on Wednesday morning that they were parting ways with their head running backs coach, David Walker.

The firing was a result of poor results and multiple violations of the Chicago Bears’ code of conduct.

In response to this firing, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus spoke to reporters saying, “As the head coach, we are building a program and have standards to uphold as a staff and organization both on and off the field, and those standards were not met.”

He added, “It’s disappointing from my vantage point. We have a standard to uphold. When that standard is not met, we act. We act accordingly, and that’s what we did today.”

It is unclear what exactly caused Walker’s firing; however, rumors are flying around about possible legal problems.

David Walker has a long history serving as a running back coach for Syracuse University from 1995-2003, a running backs coach for the University of Pittsburgh from 2004-2010, running backs coach for the Indianapolis Colts 2011-2014, and running backs coach for the Detroit Lions from 2016-2018 before landing with the Chicago Bears in 2022.

Walker’s firing comes in the wake of other major changes in the NFL, including the Las Vegas Raiders’ firing of Head Coach Josh McDaniels and General Manager David Ziegler after starting the 2023 NFL season at a disappointing 3-5.

Expect more personnel changes as the NFL reaches the halfway point

Week 9 of the 2023 NFL season begins this Thursday with a Thursday night matchup between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This means that the season is almost at the halfway point, and many teams are preparing to make some difficult decisions when it comes to their roster and coaching personnel.

As far as the Chicago Bears are concerned, it almost goes without saying that this season has been a major disappointment.

The Bear’s highly touted Quarterback, Justin Fields, has played rather poorly and has failed to get any support from their offensive line and receiving core.

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