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Dedicated to informing patriotic Americans about what is happening to their nation, Before It’s Banned is a daily newsletter.

You are not alone if you are concerned about where our country is going.

Before It’s Banned, in contrast to the mainstream media, aims to cut through the all the rubbish and provide readers with an inside look at the current state of politics.

More than a half-dozen seasoned political operatives with a combined century of experience make up the Before It’s Banned team, and they are skilled at identifying fake news when they come across it.

You’re Being Deceived

To understand that the “experts” in Washington, D.C., are more often wrong than right, one does not require a political science degree from a posh Ivy League institution.

The First Amendment’s guarantee of a free press is also available to anyone without a degree in journalism, until the authoritarians in Washington, D.C. try to shut us up and shut us down.

Readers like you will be kept informed about the hottest political news stories by the team of citizen journalists and seasoned editors at Before It’s Banned.

The same talking points endorsed by the Democrat Party are frequently repeated by media sources endlessly.

Before It’s Banned will reveal the real story, the one that other publications purposefully bury 20 paragraphs deep in the hopes that no one would notice or fail to report at all.

It’s often said a lie can go halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.

The team at Before It’s Banned are dedicated to provide a counterbalance to the lies, misrepresentations, and distortions of the media because we have seen it happen far too often in the past.

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