Vivek Ramaswamy just revealed a glaring gap in American security

Oct 11, 2023

Swarms of illegal aliens are flooding the nation, and Americans have had more than enough.

The Biden administration is coming under growing pressure to stem the tide of drug and human trafficking as well as stopping the surge of illegals pouring into the country.

But Vivek Ramaswamy just revealed another major problem that puts America at serious risk.

CBP says they remain “vigilant in the face of ruthless smugglers” at the southern border

Last month, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol released an update on the crisis at the border, and things aren’t looking good.

In August of this year, CBP had over 230,000 encounters with illegal immigrants along the southwest border.

They say it’s leading to a regular “flow of illicit narcotics and dangerous drugs” entering the United States from Mexico.

CBP officials have launched Operation Artemis, which they say is “leveraging intelligence and investigative information.”

This information is derived from other operations like Blue Lotus “to target drug traffickers’ fentanyl supply chains…”

“CBP remains vigilant in the face of ruthless smugglers and transnational criminal organizations who exploit vulnerable migrants, the same criminal organizations trafficking in lethal drugs that harm our communities,” according to one senior official.

But one politician says people are focused on the southern border despite another issue up north.

Ramaswamy shows Americans that illegal immigrants can easily use a “hiking trail” in New Hampshire

Presidential hopeful, Vivek Ramaswamy visited New Hampshire over the weekend and while he was there, he went to the Canadian border.

Just outside the border checkpoint he brought his camera crew along a path marked “Hiking Trail.” That is where things got a little unnerving.

Ramaswamy says that now that even the Democrats are bringing attention to the southern border, it will lead more to “fly over to north country.”

Along with Canadian and U.S. law enforcement, he walked a short distance to show a field with no fencing.

“I followed the hiking trail sign which leads up into the woods that completely sidesteps the ports of entry on the U.S. and Canadian sides. The local sheriffs tell me people can simply cross over one of these vast swaths of land on the other side of the hiking trail…”

All they have to do is cross an “ankle-deep creek that gets them into the rest of New Hampshire.”

Border Patrol has apprehended multiple migrants including one convicted murderer

Ashley St. Clair, a writer for The Babylon Bee, shared video of Ramaswamy on his hike across the northern border.

“Vivek went to the Northern Border, goes ‘It’s easier than the Rio Grande,’ and crosses a creek on the path that illegals take after crossing the Northern Border,” she wrote on X.

St. Clair says it’s “pretty wild that he’s the only politician addressing border security on all fronts instead of fixating on the southern border…”

According to Ramaswamy, “US Border Patrol arrested a former Brazilian military officer who fled Brazil after being convicted of murdering 11 people…a Mexican man was charged with being in the country illegally and for smuggling four people across the border…”

ABC Politics reporter Kelsey Walsh reports that “in 2023, there were 2,227 illegal migrants apprehended crossing the ports of entry at the northern border. Nearly 70% of them were caught” in the area Ramaswamy was visiting.

Ramaswamy vowed, “as our next Commander-in-Chief, I will lead our country to fix it.”

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