This Democrat belittled a grieving mother to dunk on Republicans. But she made him instantly regret that decision

Apr 21, 2023

Democrats will do and say absolutely anything to demonize those who dare to question or speak out against their radical left-wing agenda.

They just can’t seem to help themselves even when it’s abundantly clear that doing so will just end up blowing up in their face.

And now this Democrat belittled a grieving mother to dunk on Republicans. But she made him instantly regret that decision.

A veteran murdered in cold blood

Back in 2018, 35-year-old U.S. Army Sgt. Hason Correa, an Afghanistan war veteran and father of three children, was attacked in the lobby of his Harlem apartment building by four individuals who held him down and stabbed him nine times, ultimately killing him in front of his father, who was stabbed four times by the group as well.

Within a matter of days, surveillance footage allowed the New York Police Department to arrest the four individuals, including Mary Saunders, a 37-year-old woman who was seen on the tape holding onto Correa to help the other individuals stab him to death.

All four individuals were charged with second-degree murder and gang assault, while the three men with Saunders also faced attempted murder and assault charges for stabbing Correa’s father.

That is, until Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided to strike a deal with Saunders, and another of the perpetrators, Travis Stewart.

For no apparent reason whatsoever other than his radical left-wing ideology, during prosecutorial proceedings, Bragg’s office chose to downgrade Saunders’ charges to second-degree assault, while Stewart’s were downgraded to first-degree attempted assault.

Stewart received just seven years for killing Sgt. Correa, while Saunders was merely given time served and allowed to walk free.

Needless to say, Correa’s mother, Madeline Brame, was more than happy to testify about this atrocity during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on how Bragg’s pro-criminal policies have led to an increase in violent crime in New York earlier this week.

Democrats’ grave miscalculation

As expected, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee each used their time to speak during the hearing to attack Republicans, claiming the hearing was a “political stunt,” and that those who testified, including Brame, were merely being used as “props” by the GOP.

Those assertions obviously didn’t sit well with Brame, who has spent virtually every day since her son’s murder more than four and a half years ago fighting for justice while attempting to expose the wholly unjust deals Bragg cut with his murderers.

So when Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) finally took his turn to call the hearing a “charade” to protect former President Donald Trump, the grieving mother had taken the insults as long as she could.

“Your experiences are devastating,” Goldman said, feigning sincerity. “But the problem is that this is a charade to cover up for an abuse of power that they are going around, talking incessantly outside of this hearing about Donald Trump. And the purpose of this hearing is to cover up for what they know to be an inappropriate investigation.”

“Don’t insult my intelligence,” an understandably irate Brame interjected. “You’re trying to insult me like I’m not aware of what’s going on here.”

Of course, at this point, some Democrats in the room thought they may just be about to get a breakthrough where one of the numerous grieving family members and friends who testified at the hearing would finally be on their side.

But they were sorely mistaken.

“I’m fully aware of what’s going on here,” Brame added. “That’s why I walked away from the plantation of the Democratic Party.”

After the hearing, the media obviously questioned Brame’s response to Democrats’ insults, as no one is supposed to actually fight back against the Left, especially a black woman.

“You know [the Democrats] all made remarks about us being used, about us being props, about how it was a political stunt, and you know, he was one of the last ones – by the time we got to him, I was just done with it,” Brame told The Daily Mail. “So that’s why my reaction was like that.”

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