Ron DeSantis is proving a college education doesn’t have to be pure woke indoctrination

Aug 28, 2023

Ron DeSantis has pushed a bold family values-focused traditional policy agenda in his time running Florida.

On the top of his list of accomplishments has been fixing education in the Sunshine State.

And now, America’s Governor is proving a college education doesn’t have to come with woke brainwashing.

Earning the title of America’s Governor

In a short amount of time, Republican Ron DeSantis has done a large amount of good as Governor of Florida.

The high marks and rankings keep rolling in for the Republican Governor of the Sunshine State.

And improving education in Florida is one of DeSantis’ top priorities.

Last September, The Sunshine State landed the top spot in the Heritage Foundation’s inaugural report card on education freedom in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

In the Cato Institute’s similar report, last year Florida had the second highest marks in the entire country.

DeSantis received a lot of attention for his Parental Choice in Education act.

Groomers on the Left labeled the law, “Don’t Say Gay,” despite that language being nowhere to be found in the legislation text.

What the bill actually did was bar instructors from teaching age-inappropriate sexual material in kindergarten through third grades.

It also had provisions requiring parental notification in the case of things like students changing their gender identity or getting pregnant.

DeSantis also recently increased teacher pay based on merit.

And he launched an initiative to recruit teachers with real word experience in the subjects they’re teaching – including veterans.

People want non-woke higher education

But he wasn’t done there; DeSantis made changes to the state’s university system, resulting in New College of Florida removing Critical Race Theory teachings and eliminating gender studies majors.

While the removal of indoctrination from the college has the Left up in arms, everyone else is embracing the change.

In fact, America’s Governor just announced the school has just broken its long-held enrollment record.

“New College of Florida is blazing a trail of success and setting the standard for operating a university,” DeSantis tweeted. “The board abolished the school’s gender studies program and now has the highest enrollment in school history. Pushing indoctrination and handing out worthless degrees is no way to prepare students for successful careers.”

A new campaign slogan?

Now the question is, can DeSantis’ positive track record of results in the Sunshine State gain him any traction in the polls?

DeSantis’ Rapid Response Director, Christina Pushaw, tested out a new campaign strategy for her boss with that question in mind.

“A lot of Republicans talk about this stuff, Ron DeSantis actually does it,” Pushaw tweeted. “Florida is proof positive that we can defeat ‘progressive’ brain rot . . . but only if our elected leaders use their lawful power and demonstrate political will.”

DeSantis does have a history in Florida of figuring out what is within his power to do and then implementing those things to beat back the woke agenda and its tentacles.

Only time will tell if that record of effective leadership starts to be reflected in the GOP Primary polling.

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