These Major League Baseball teams are striking out in blue states

Aug 28, 2023

The NBA, NFL, and even the NHL are all in a race to be the most woke of all the sports leagues.

But executives in charge of America’s pastime have been telling those other leagues to “hold our Bud Light.”

That could be coming to an end though, as these Major League Baseball teams are seemingly striking out in Democrat-controlled states.

MLB’s embarrassing political balk

Major League Baseball has struggled to connect with a younger audience for years now, resulting in declining ratings.

Perhaps that’s why the league has resorted to pushing woke politics on its viewers.

In an unprecedented move back in 2021, officials for Major League Baseball decided to move the league’s All-Star game out of the city of Atlanta for political reasons.


The Georgia legislature had passed a new set of common-sense voter integrity laws.

“Racist!” the radicals on the Left cried.

However, what seems to be racist is the assumption that black people are less capable of the simple task of obtaining voter identification than white people are.

However, MLB officials quickly caved to calls from the woke crowd on Twitter and moved their traditional mid-season exhibition game to Denver.

And it was all for nothing.

Following the 2022 Midterms, the University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs released a poll finding the idea of disenfranchisement of the black vote was nothing more than a figment of the Left’s imagination.

The survey found 0% of black Georgians had trouble voting in the 2022 Midterms.

That’s not a typo; it was 0%.

In fact, another 0% of black voters in Georgia responded that they had a “poor” voting experience.

The Nashville White Sox?

But while MLB is getting cozy in bed with woke extremists, teams in the league are having a hard time living in blue states.

Rampant crime has already caused countless businesses to flee Democrat-run cities, and now a few iconic baseball teams are looking to follow suit.

The latest franchise to express interest in moving out of a blue city is the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox have been playing ball in the Windy City since the year 1900 – one of the original eight charter teams in the league.

However, it appears the team has had its fill of the city that hasn’t had a Republican at the helm since 1931.

Bounding into Sports is reporting White Sox officials have been actively considering moving to Nashville when the team’s current lease at Guarantee Rate Field runs out in six years.

Nashville, of course, is in Tennessee, which is a very red state, unlike Illinois.

However, the White Sox have some competition from the north, as they’re not the only team eying a move to Music City.

Teams want stolen bases, not stolen cars

According to Bounding into Sports, the Milwaukee Brewers will start looking at the possibility of a move later this year.

Milwaukee isn’t far behind Chicago when it comes to poverty, homelessness, and violent crime.

And while Wisconsin is a relatively purple state, especially compared to the deep, dark blue of Illinois, the city of Milwaukee hasn’t elected a Republican as Mayor since 1906.

Milwaukee residents have thrice elected self-titled socialists since the last time they voted a Republican into office.

And the Brewers apparently don’t like the result of all those leftist policies in the city.

Like the White Sox, Bounding into Sports lists Nashville as one of the top potential new locations for the Brewers.

And if the Brew Crew wants to take their bats and balls to the other top city on their short list, a name change will surely be in short order – as something just doesn’t seem right about the Salt Lake City Brewers, though, is it really any worse of a fit than the Utah Jazz?

Of course, like Tennessee, Utah is a reliably red state.

But the Brewers and White Sox aren’t the only teams looking to run to a new red state home.

The Oakland Athletics have already announced they are following the Raiders in moving from the left-wing bastion that is California’s entire Bay Area and moving to Las Vegas.

And while Nevada is widely considered a purple state, it’s a far cry from the single-party system the Golden State has become.

The A’s are expected to start playing in Sin City for the 2025 season.

Only time will tell if more teams cry foul and flee their current blue cities and states for red ones with better economics and less crime.

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