This Democrat Senate candidate in a swing state just hurled an offensive insult about “Republican identity”

Aug 28, 2023

Democrats claim they’re the party of tolerance, while Republicans are inherently hateful.

But their actions tend to contradict their words.

And now the Democrat U.S. Senate candidate in this swing state just hurled an offensive insult about what he labeled “Republican identity.”

The radical Left chases off Democrats

Back in 2018, Never-Trump RINO Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona declined to run for another term in the U.S. Senate.

Then-Representative Kyrsten Sinema was the Democrat vying for the seats against Republican then-Representative Martha McSally.

Sinema won the election by 2.5 points, becoming the first Democrat to represent the Grand Canyon State in the Upper Chamber since 1995.

Ever since then, Sinema has been a headache for the most radical wing of her party.

So much so that one Biden supporter chased Sinema into a bathroom, harassed the Senator, videotaped her using the restroom, and posted the video online.

President Joe Biden responded, not by defending his party-mate, but by defending the illegal alien activist and calling it just, “part of the process.”

Sinema came under further interparty attacks when she refused to support the nuclear options, voiding the filibuster, to codify Roe v. Wade as the national law of the land.

Sinema – far from a conservative and who actually started her political career affiliated with the Green Party – is in favor of making abortion legal nationwide – but she drew the line at violating the U.S. Constitution in order to do so.

Kyrsten Sinema the Independent

Late last year, Sinema announced she’d had enough of the Democrat Party and was filing as an Independent.

It doesn’t mean much in practice, as the bisexual Senator voted for New York Democrat Chuck Schumer for Majority Leader, will continue caucusing with her old party, and will vote with them on the vast majority of bills.

But it did open the door for a purple state triple threat match, with Senator Sinema having to take on both a Republican and a Democrat challenger in the 2024 general election as she runs for reelection.

Democrat Representative insults every Republican voter

The frontrunner for Democrats is Phoenix Rep. Ruben Gallego.

Rep. Gallego isn’t having to work very hard to get to Sinema’s Left – his natural radical tendencies are coming to the forefront.

While dressed fresh with fashion tips from Democrat Senator John Fetterman, Gallego was speaking to a group of potential voters.

Important to note before reading his quote – he has a gun-toting security guard in the corner of the room keeping him safe.

“If you are a Republican, you have to have a bunch of guns, a jacked up [sic] truck with some cow nuts hanging in the back,” Gallego said. “That’s your cultural identity now.”

Gallego’s comments caused a stir on social media.

Twitter user John summed up what many thought of Gallego’s derogatory stereotyping of Republican voters.

“He is describing the country boys — hard-working blue-collar people,” John tweeted. “They don’t follow politics. They spend time with family, go fishing, hunting, and are the men that keep America going. HVAC, electrician, Mechanics, factory workers. How out of touch people are. They hate Biden because gas, grocery’s, cost of living is high. That’s why they have let’s go Brandon stickers on the bumper.”

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