Rob Schneider just roasted President Biden with this one epic comparison

Aug 23, 2023

Rob Schneider used to be a good little Hollywood liberal, getting regular roles and even starring in some comedies.

But then he made the cardinal sin any Democrat can make – he disagreed with some items on the woke agenda, and the roles suddenly dried up.

But that’s not stopping Schneider from roasting President Joe Biden with this epic comparison.

Rob Schneider sees the light

Late last year, comedic actor Rob Schneider garnered headlines when he departed his home state.

In an interview on Fox & Friends last October, the comedian said life doesn’t get better in California, it gets worse.

“I don’t want the Democratic party trying to run my life, and there’s not one aspect of your life they don’t want to interfere with, so I had it with them,” Schneider said. “I got out of California and moved to the slightly freer state of Arizona.”

And now Schneider is changing his focus from the Golden State to America’s Capital – giving President Joe Biden a piece of his mind.

Hawaii on fire

The people of Hawaii are still reeling following devastating wildfires ravaging one of the islands.

However, when asked about the tragedy, President Biden responded, “no comment.”

Though, after seeing the public relations disaster this reaction caused, the White House finally sent the President to Maui this week on a trip that couldn’t have gone worse.

On top of that, prior to the trip, he announced taxpayers would be sending impacted residents a whopping $700 each.

Meanwhile, while Hawaiians in Maui try to rebuild their lives on scorched earth, Biden announced even more money from hardworking Americans will be heading over to Ukraine to continue an unwinnable war that had nothing to do with the United States.

And that’s not sitting well with the former Hollywood resident.

Schneider: “Biden hates Americans”

Schneider took to X (formerly Twitter) to comment on what he called Biden’s hatred for Americans.

The actor’s point was short and sweet and didn’t pull any punches.

And he used straight facts to hammer Biden’s apparent priorities.

“$115,000,000,000 BILLION US TAX PAYER DOLLARS TO UKRAINE…$1.9 million dollars to American Maui fire victims,” Schneider tweeted. “Biden hates Americans.”

Making matters worse, the government should be compensating impacted Hawaiians, considering this disaster was largely the fault of government incompetence.

During Hurricane force winds, a powerline came down.

However, the power to the lines was never cut.

When the powerline collapsed, it set ablaze swaths of unattended invasive grass not native to Hawaii – like guinea grass, molasses grass, and buffalo grass.

Then when residents were trying to fight the fire with their personal hoses, the water was cut off.

Meanwhile, disaster alarms never went off alerting residents of the imminent danger.

At least 111 people were killed in the fire, with hundreds more still missing and thousands of others losing everything they own.

But $700 ought to cover it; the rest is needed for Ukraine.

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