Chris Christie is stress eating after finding out no one on any side likes him

Aug 24, 2023

Chris Christie is trying to overcome years of irrelevance and carve a path for himself to the White House in 2024.

But his strategy is leaving many scratching their heads.

And now the former Republican Governor from New Jersey just saw one new report that has him stress eating.

The rise and fall of Chris Christie

Back in 2009, Chris Christie became a political rockstar on the Right.

Christie used tensions over the first year of the Obama Presidency and the birth of the Tea Party movement to win a low-turnout off-year gubernatorial election by about 3.5 points over then-incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.

The Democrat Corzine was plagued with scandals, helping Christie score the major upset.

Then, Christie used emotional sentiments following Hurricane Sandy to easily win reelection in 2013.

With the two victories in his back pocket, Christie was declared a “rising star” in the GOP and labeled one of the 2016 frontrunners.

However, Christie’s 2016 White House run was a bust.

He never gained momentum, finishing in the bottom of the pack in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire Primary before dropping out of the race.

Christie later endorsed Donald Trump – but has been very critical of the 45th President of the United States since then, including making a big deal out of the protest that got a little out of hand at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Christie staking his claim over the RINO vote

And now, despite having not been relevant since his time as Governor ended six-years ago . . .

And despite having flamed out of his first run at the Oval Office . . .

Christie thinks he is the man to upend the former President and take the top of the GOP ticket in 2024.

But the fact is, the 45th President of the United States is dominating the polling.

And Christie’s strategy in the Primary is about as confusing as a big bear hug with Obama in 2012.

The scandal-ridden ex-Governor has been going on left-wing outlets and spitting vitriol against both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – the two most prominent politicians on the Right who represent the “New Right.”

Everybody hates Chris

But new polling shows Christie’s messaging has been less effective than his messaging during his failed 2016 White House bid.

A new Fox News poll shows Christie has underwater approvals from both political parties.

A clear majority of Americans – 56% – have an unfavorable opinion of Christie.

It turns out Christie is a uniting factor, with every cross-section of voters disliking the fledgling candidate.

According to the polls, Christie has alienated 57% of Republicans.

But his anti-Trump and anti-DeSantis stances aren’t winning him fans on the Left.

The Fox News poll found 60% of Democrats also disapprove of Christie.

With no support from the GOP or the Democrats, it is difficult to see a path to victory for Christie in either the Primary or a potential General Election.

But that likely won’t stop him from continuing to audition for his own CNN show.

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