Kamala Harris is turning out to be Donald Trump’s secret weapon

Aug 22, 2023

Remember when Kamala Harris was considered to be the frontrunner in the 2020 Democrat Primary?

Hindsight being 20/20, Democrats must be pretty thankful her campaign was the first to tank.

But now, it turns out, Joe Biden’s Vice President may be Donald Trump’s secret weapon in the 2024 election.

Trump vs. Biden II

While the Primary elections are far from decided, with each passing poll it appears more likely 2024 will be a rematch of 2020.

Incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are far ahead of the rest of their respective fields in Primary polling.

And in hypothetical head-to-head matchups, they’re polling in a dead heat.

Barring some type of last-minute pandemic or war, the race is expected to be competitive and close.

In fact, it could come down to the smallest mistake deciding the outcome.

And that’s why the 45th President of the United States is happy Kamala Harris is running alongside Biden.

Where does Kamala Harris rank?

A new survey found half of American voters believe Harris is one of the worst Vice Presidents in United States history.

Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters: “Is Kamala Harris doing a better job or worse job than most previous vice presidents?”

And the results were overwhelming.

A full 50% of voters said Harris is performing worse than most Vice Presidents throughout American history.

About a quarter of respondents said she’s doing about as well as the average Vice President.

And only 22% said she’s better than most Vice Presidents.

Rasmussen Report founder Scott Rasmussen believes Harris could be the downfall of Biden’s reelection efforts.

“Most voters continue to have a low opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris, and don’t see her as a helpful running mate for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign,” Rasmussen said.

But the bad news for the Biden White House doesn’t end there.

Harris gets a failing grade

Harris’s approval rating in the Rasmussen Reports survey is underwater – and it’s not without good reason.

When the former Democrat Senator from California isn’t belting out her maniacal laugh, she’s spewing incoherent sentences and word salad – or talking to the American public as though voters are all still in kindergarten.

Then there’s her job failures – like being a complete disaster as Biden’s supposed “border czar,” and her embarrassing world tour.

It’s no wonder then that according to the poll, 42% of voters approve of the job Harris is doing, compared to 53% who disapprove, for a negative 11 approval rating.

Rasmussen then asked voters if Harris was helping or hurting Biden’s chances of winning reelection.

One-third of voters say Harris is a net-negative on the Biden campaign.

Another 41% said she makes no difference – which is hardly a winning endorsement.

And a mere 22% believe Willie Brown’s ex actually helps the incumbent President.

Polling like this furthers speculation that Democrats may find a way to get Harris off the ticket before election day.

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