Radical leftist judges are trying to destroy the Supreme Court in this state

Sep 6, 2023

The media is focused on Trump’s legal issues concerning January 6, calling it a supposed coup attempt in Washington, D.C.

But they are ignoring a real coup going on in Wisconsin.

Radical leftists are trying to weaponize the courts, and they don’t care what they do with the institution.

Wisconsin is witnessing a shocking “coup” attempt that is threatening the legitimacy of its highest court.

The Legacy Media loves a coup

For some reason, the liberal legacy media is just obsessed with the idea of coup d’états.

Back in 2016, the media got their dress rehearsal of covering a coup when a handful of Turkish officers tried to overthrow one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

The attempt really wasn’t much, but the media covered it like it was the most riveting news imaginable.

Well, the same spin it took to make a story like that into an international crisis is the same one that twisted Donald Trump’s words into an all-out coup of the United States government.

And now we’re seeing the end results of such actions by our media.

They’re doing everything they can to convince the public that Trump is a traitor to this nation.

But just when they thought they had Trump right where they wanted him, Trump turned the tables, as he is selling merchandise of his mugshot from Georgia.

Still, the Washington, D.C. establishment is hoping that he will never get out of the courts in Washington as a free man.

During his trial scheduled for March 4, the legacy media is hoping he will pay for his supposed coup and end up behind bars.

But while the media is fixated on Trump, they are missing an actual coup happening led by Democrats in Wisconsin.

Coup in Wisconsin, not Washington

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is on the verge of total collapse.

At the beginning of August, the Democrats took a 4-3 majority in Wisconsin’s highest court for the first time in nearly fifteen years.

And these Democrats decided that they wanted to control everything in the Court, even though the Chief Justice is a conservative.

Some of the radical changes they made included firing the state court director, who works for the Chief Justice and not the court.

Chief Justice Annette Ziegler called out the situation in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court for what it is: a coup to take over the court.

In emails to the Court, she claimed, “You are making a mess of the judiciary, the court and the institution for years to come. This must stop. … I have no confidence in the recent hostile takeover and the chaotic effect it has had on the court, staff, and the overall stable functioning of the courts.”

In another email Ziegler told the court, “I will not condone such lawless destruction of the constitution, the judiciary, or the court. This is nothing short of an unprecedented coup. For 40 years, the role of the Chief Justice has been understood and respected. Your short-term goals will cause long term, irreparable damage to the judiciary. What a historical disgrace.”

It is sad that we are seeing such disrespect for the courts by Democrats.

Our courts used to be considered our only institution that was impartial.

Now, with recent actions we are witnessing on a daily basis by Democrats on the bench, it is hard to deny that our judicial system is rigged.

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