Even Biden’s handpicked biographer can’t hide this ugly truth about Joe

Sep 6, 2023

The media has spun a web of deceit surrounding the President.

Their claims about his empathy and stamina have often seemed to be at odds with what many perceive to be true.

Now, Biden’s own handpicked biographer can’t hide the ugly truth about his personality failures.

Franklin Foer is a left-wing writer for The Atlantic and a former editor of The New Republic.

Recently, he has undertaken the task of Presidential biographer in the case of Joe Biden, and his new book is set to hit store shelves next week.

In his book, The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future, Foer paints a sometimes unflattering picture of the Commander-in-Chief.

The man who media claims is empathetic is detached with icy tendencies

The author noted, “For a man vaunted for his empathy, he could be detached, even icy, when confronted with the prospect of human suffering.”

Given the recent events in Maui, with the worst wildfires in recent memory, and the President’s less than rave reviews of his handling of that crisis, this is less than surprising.

Biden tried to showcase his much-vaunted empathy by relaying a story of a small kitchen fire in his home triggered by a lightning strike that was quickly extinguished.

One resident said of Biden’s comments, “I think it was a little bit tone-deaf. However, I can understand how he was trying to meet us somewhere and say, ‘I understand,’ but unfortunately that is nothing that compares to what happened to our community, our beautiful little town and the families of children that were lost and disabled and the elderly. I mean, a car and your kitchen is kind of just a little sad to hear …”

There were more interesting tidbits unearthed in the book as well.

Is Biden really “Sleepy Joe?”

On the campaign trail in 2020, former President Donald Trump made a habit of referring to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” – a jab at Biden’s notoriously light campaign schedule and his propensity to wind down his daily activities at an early hour.

Foer suggests that this too may be close to the mark, saying that Biden “would occasionally admit that he felt tired” and that “it was striking that he took so few morning meetings or presided over so few public events before 10 a.m.”

The left-wing author even admits, “His public persona reflected physical decline and time’s dulling of mental faculties that no pill or exercise regime can resist.”

It’s not that Biden is unaware that he’s lost a step; he’s very conscious of it.

In fact, so much so that it frustrates him.

Biden has reportedly “vented to allies” about how every now and then the sycophantic corporate media will admit that his advanced age presents challenges.

According to Politico, Biden once ranted last year, “You think I don’t know how f—ing old I am?”

Perhaps one of Biden’s worst “senior moments” captured on camera was when Biden tried to recognize Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) during a public event last fall, but he had forgotten she had died in a car accident weeks earlier.

Biden asked, “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” at the event.

But not all of Biden’s mishaps can be blamed on the fact that he is now living through his ninth decade.

According to Foer, some that can be attributed to “indiscipline and indecision” that have been part of Biden’s half century long career as a politician.

The book is set for release on September 5.

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