Karine Jean-Pierre shrugged off concerns about women’s sports with these two insulting words

Sep 7, 2023

The trans agenda has infected schools and organizations across the country, damaging everything it touches.

The women who have been fighting to protect their sports from trans males invading their spaces and sports, have found their concerns falling on deaf ears.

Now Karine Jean-Pierre just dismissed these biological women with these two insulting words.

Riley Gaines says that “the tide is turning” for women’s rights in our country

The United States has been in some sort of cold cultural war for several years now, and things are coming to a crescendo. One of the most consequential fronts of the cultural conflict can be seen in the invasion of transgender ideology in nearly every institution across the country.

Female organizations and spaces are under an unprecedented attack by men who claim to be women, most notably in women’s sports.

“Men” are forcing their way into women’s leagues, leading to men taking championships and breaking records that would otherwise be held by biological women athletes.

Very few prominent female athletes are standing up, but Riley Gaines is a notable exception. The college swimmer recently celebrated a win in Nebraska, where Governor Pillen signed an Executive Order producing a Women’s Bill of Rights. She says that she believes that “the tide is turning” in the battle.

But despite this unfair competition, the White House is still refusing to stand up for women’s sports.

White House Press Secretary asked if the transgender issue impacts women’s rights

In a recent press conference at the White House, Fox correspondent Hillary Vaughn took the opportunity to ask Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the Biden administration had come around on the issue of women’s rights regarding the participation of transgender men in women’s sports.

She cited the Republican primary debate where former governor Nikki Haley called the impacts of men participating in women’s sports as the “women’s issue of our time.” She asked Jean-Pierre, “Does the president agree that this is a women’s rights issue?”

Jean-Pierre (who is a lesbian) seemed to try to avoid the conversation as she deflected, calling it a “Title IX” issue and that they had talked about this topic “multiple times” before. She said that it’s “complicated” and the decision should be made in “schools.”

Jean-Pierre really didn’t want to answer the question, and Vaughn didn’t want to let up.

Jean-Pierre won’t discuss women’s rights but is particularly concerned for transgender kids

“So, we’ve talked about this many times…it’s a complicated issue, and there are a wide range of views on this. The Department of Education proposed a rule…establishing guardrails, right, to prevent discrimination against transgender kids…that is something that’s incredibly important,” Jean-Pierre said.

Vaughn retorted, asking her if Biden had ever considered his own granddaughter’s experience in girls’ sports.

Does he care if “girls are allowed to compete in sports without fear of injury…does he think it’s fair for girls to have to compete against biological males?”

Jean-Pierre doubled down on her dismissal of the question, saying, “It is complicated.” She said that the administration is sincerely concerned about protecting transgender kids from “discrimination” and that there is “a wide range of views” and that the White House “respects that.”

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