Riley Gaines just dropped the hammer on Keith Olbermann after his sexist attack

Sep 7, 2023

Keith Olbermann gets fired often from cable television because his shtick just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny or age well.

His propensity to spout off with “hot takes” is a major reason why.

Now Riley Gaines just dropped the hammer on Keith Olbermann after his sexist attack.

Former cable TV show host and current Twitter/X enthusiast never misses an opportunity to open his mouth and insert his foot.

The latest example of this has the internet abuzz.

Riley Gaines is a former NCAA swimming champion but has run afoul of the trans lobby.

She has made it her mission to save women’s sports from being basically erased by the allowance of biologically male “transgender women” in competitions.

This has made the Left very upset, and if there’s one person who can be safely counted on to loudly spew the leftist party line, it’s Keith Olbermann.

Gaines defended the Nebraska “Women’s Bill of Rights” that Gov. Jim Pillen enacted on Aug. 30.

The new law holds that “males and females possess immutable biological differences.”

Evidently, for the now-former host, those words were too much to bear.

Olbermann once again showed everyone just who he is

In a social media post, he wrote, “Can you just address the reality and move past it? You sucked at swimming. That’s why you lost.”

Alluding to Olbermann’s blowhard nature, Riley Gaines responded by saying, “Ah, makes sense now why you got fired from ESPN.”

Luckily for Gaines, her fans had no problem calling Olbermann out for the sexist leftist hack that he is.

Paula Scanlan wrote, “Your political bias blinds you and dismissive views like yours embolden men to change in front of us. Why don’t you address the reality that women’s spaces are being invaded and many women are harmed by this narrative.”

Another fan called Kimberly Ross wrote, “I’m sorry? Your statement should be directed toward a dude named Lia Thomas. He sucks at swimming against biological males so much so that he decided to identify as female just so he could win. How sexist and sad. Both you and ‘Lia.’”

Even Twitter’s Elon Musk-instituted community notes allowed fair-minded observers to dunk on Olbermann with a message reading, “Riley Gaines was a very successful swimmer ending her College ‘Wildcat’ career as one of the most decorated swimmers in the program’s history. She played an instrumental role in the Wildcats clinching their first ever conference championship title, in 2021.”

A history of controversy and cannings

Olbermann was canned from his MSNBC’s Countdown show in 2011, and saw his contract dramatically terminated by the cable news network’s parent company, NBC.

There was speculation that the acquisition of NBC Universal by cable and telecom giant Comcast led to the loudmouth host being shown the door.

Again in 2015, Olbermann left ESPN amid a cloud of controversy after he had previously been suspended by the network earlier for tweeting at Penn State University supporters that they were “pitiful” and “morons.”

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