Mel Gibson makes a desperate plea to Americans about an impending genocide of Christians

Oct 6, 2023

Many genocides have happened throughout history, and the world too often just watches in horror.

There are signs that history is going to repeat itself unless people act now.

And Mel Gibson just warned everyone that a new genocide against Christians is about to happen unless Americans don’t act now.

We have seen genocides happen too often

It’s a historical fact that ever since man started to farm, man has killed other men in mass.

The first mass grave in human history was found in Croatia 6,000 years ago, right when the first civilizations started to appear.

And ever since then, man has killed other men for a litany of other reasons.

And we still see the scars of this curse of violence in our civilization to this day.

When you read through history books, you will notice that it is littered with genocidal horrors.

And back in 1915, one of the biggest genocides ever seen took place as the Armenians were nearly erased by the Ottoman Empire.

Over one million Christian Armenians were murdered by Muslims in a slaughter that was orchestrated by the rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

Well, now it looks like that same genocide will happen again.

And Mel Gibson is doing everything he can to ensure we stop it before it is too late.

Mel Gibson pleas for you to stop the next genocide

Just a few weeks ago, Azerbaijan, the ruling Muslim government in the region of Artsakh, started to target armed Christians in the same region that saw the same genocide occur just over one hundred years ago.

And after a few days of armed conflict, the Christians surrendered their right to bear arms to the Muslims.

Also, by the end of the year, the Christian leaders of the region will surrender all authority over to Azerbaijan.

We can all see where this is going.

When a society is disarmed, it is prone to acts of violence against minorities, including genocide.

And that is where all signs are pointing to now as hundreds of thousands of Christians in Artsakh start to flee to Armenia.

As the rest of the world just watches the pending genocide unfold before their eyes, famous American actor Mel Gibson is trying to do everything in his power to stop the incoming violence.

Mel Gibson pleaded with Americans in a recently posted video on Twitter.

In the video, he asked for everyone to seek peace in Artsakh and to help the Armenians in the region who are fleeing.

He finished his plea with a few words for Armenians, telling them to “Don’t lose heart; God is with you.”

You can watch his emotional plea below.

The sad thing is that the United States government and the Biden Administration won’t do anything about the pending genocide.

They would rather send billions of dollars of United States tax dollars to Ukraine for them to prolong a war than they would to protect Christians in Artsakh from a genocide.

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