Riley Gaines just exposed this unspoken danger of the trans agenda and blew up The Squad’s argument about safe spaces

Oct 6, 2023

Riley Gaines is suffering unending personal attacks from trans activists for simply standing up for women’s sports and the right to be safe.

Meanwhile, radical leftists, like the ones who make up the Squad, claim that all trans people are always peaceful victims of conservative prejudice.

But now Gaines just poked a huge hole in The Squad’s false narrative about “safe spaces.”

Who is Riley Gaines?

Riley Gaines is an outspoken former collegiate swimmer from the University of Kentucky.

Gaines famously tied Willaim “Lia” Thomas – the male who dominated women’s collegiate swimming last year – in a championship meet, and the NCAA let the man take home the trophy instead of her.

She has dedicated her post-graduate life to fighting for actual women’s rights and keeping biological males out of women’s sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

And now Gaines is highlighting an incredibly disturbing video circulating on social media that destroys the woke Left’s false narrative suggesting females are under no threat by men masquerading as girls.

“Non-binary” boy assaults young girl at school

Last week, a video from an Oregon middle school showed a boy who identifies as non-binary and dresses like a girl, beating a tiny female student senseless.

Warning: the video below is disturbing and shows real-life violence against a minor.

In the video above, you can see a young girl minding her own business walking down the halls of Hazlebrook Middle School in the Tigard Tualatin School District in Oregon.

Out of nowhere, a boy in drag sneaks up from behind her, snatches the girl by her backpack, and slams her to the hard floor, where she appears to have possibly hit her head.

But the boy wasn’t done there.

He yanks her by the hair and whiplashes the young lady around before smashing her with repeated punches.

The boy then yells at the girl either, “Talk sh*t again, b*tch,” or “Touch me again, b*tch,” it’s tough to exactly make out the threat with the shocked exasperation from the students watching the violent scene in the background.

The innocent girl’s first reaction is to apologize before saying that she didn’t do anything.

She then gets up and expresses to another student – who was recording the incident instead of helping – that she “can’t breathe.”

This is reportedly the third girl this boy has attacked.

Gaines drops truth bomb on the radical Left

For her part, Gaines believes this attack from a student with gender dysphoria is evidence of the dangers girls face from allowing men in their most intimate spaces.

“Trans male attacks female student in Oregon high school,” Gaines tweeted before later correcting that the ugly scene took place at a middle school, not a high school.

“This was certainly planned, given multiple people were filming. All involved should be suspended, and he should be charged with assault as a male. Identify as you wish, but you can’t hide from your innate sex characteristics.”

Gaines has been advocating about the dangers of allowing men in girls’ sports leagues.

This video illustrates clearly the risk of allowing males to participate in contact sports with females.

And the brazen behavior of the attacker reflects a person with a mental state that no parent should want alone in the bathroom with their young daughter.

However, the queer community and the rest of the Democrat Party disagree with Gaines and all other Americans with common sense and a basic understanding of biology.

They say that women have nothing to fear from mentally ill men living as women being allowed in their safe space.

In fact, they claim trans women are less of a threat than actual women.

And it appears this Oregon middle school agrees with Squad members like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, and Cori Bush of Missouri.

School district defends the assailant over the victim

Hazlebrook Middle School officials released a statement shaming anyone who shared or even viewed the video and sticking up for the boy who brutally beat the young girl.

“Students and adults contributed to the sharing of this recording that exposed minors who were directly and indirectly involved without consent,” the statement reads.

“In addition, the sharing of this incident has spread across the country and beyond, inspiring false information and a focus and discourse on sexual identity. These acts have contributed to the trauma individuals and families are already experiencing.”

In other words, don’t you dare say anything negative about the actions and behavior of someone who doesn’t self-identify as their biological sex?

And that attitude from the Superintendent of Tigard-Tualatin School District, Dr. Susan Rieke-Smith, apparently isn’t helping school safety for students.

Non-profit organization Free Oregon founder Ben Edtl is reporting this is not the first time this same boy has attacked one of his female peers.

“This is the third girl he assaulted at Hazelbrook,” Edtl tweeted. “I have been given video of the two prior assaults.

The school rewards kids for declaring false gender and supports their egregious behavior with ‘Restorative Justice’… Dr. Susan Rieke Smith should be terminated immediately.”

In response to a flood of inquiries, the Tualatin Police Department tweeted that they are investigating the incident but can’t comment publicly due to the age of the parties involved.

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