Republican Congressman Chip Roy just let loose with this epic rant that you would want to hear more often

Oct 6, 2023

Americans are fed up with Congress and the Republican Party leadership.

Even Republican Members of Congress are frustrated with their own colleagues on the Hill.

And Congressman Chip Roy just let loose with this epic rant that will have you asking for more.

Republicans in Washington, D.C., are losing their grip

On election night in 2022, many conservatives were disheartened to see that the Republicans had a very lackluster performance and barely held on to Congress in an election year that they should have won wholeheartedly.

But Americans are ultimately fed up with the Republican Party that does nothing and only gives promises without action.

And that’s only gotten worse since the 2022 election.

Because in a gift to conservatives, we’re now seeing what the Republican Party leadership does when it has power but cannot hide behind a significant majority.

Now, we have members of Congress who have to vote on issues that they never would have even contemplated voting on in the past.

And we’re seeing firsthand that there are some Republicans who are just as big of an enemy to the conservative causes as Democrats.

But this exposure to what is happening is upsetting even more Americans than before.

And shockingly, things are getting so bad that even one of the most conservative members of Congress just released a bleep written rant against some in his own party.

Roy shows the honesty we all need to see

Republican Congressman Chip Roy of Texas is one of the most conservative members of Congress out there.

But lately, he has been labeled a RINO by some on social media for his support of Ron DeSantis.

Roy was already fired up with the vote to vacate the speaker coming up, so he just let it fly.

He stated his comments by saying, “Some of our brothers and sisters—particularly in the, you know, MAGA camp, I think— particularly enjoy the circular firing squad. You want to come at me and call me a RINO? You can kiss my ass.”

He continued, “You go around talking your big game, and you thumping your chest on Twitter? Yeah. Come to my office; come have a debate, mother.”

Then he got really fired up when he said, “F*** them. There are people buried over in Normandy who deserve to have us to stand up for what they fought for. And that’s what I’m going to do.”

This is exactly the type of energy and honesty we need in Washington, D.C.

Nearly every day now, we see supporters of particular candidates grandstanding and claiming others are RINOs because they don’t support a particular bill.

And the sad thing is, the RINOs are the ones that are running the party, but as long as they get an excellent insult in on Biden on Fox News, the base eats them up.

The Republican Party needs more representatives like Chip Roy.

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