George Soros is ecstatic that his hand-picked DAs are allowing looting in America’s biggest cities

Oct 11, 2023

Lawlessness has spread like an epidemic in America’s biggest cities after the George Floyd incident.

And make no mistake, that’s by design.

Billionaire socialist George Soros couldn’t be happier with his hand-picked District Attorneys’ response to the blatant lawlessness in America’s largest cities.

Looters destroy the City of Brotherly Love

Late last month, a Judge dismissed charges against a Philadelphia police officer who shot a man who had a knife in his car.

That was all the excuse Philly residents needed to go get themselves some free stuff.

And this was no random happenstance that hundreds of thugs hit the streets and robbed several stores all at once.

Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial is reporting the riot was organized.

According to Ngo, organizers met in a parking lot and planned which stores to loot.

Witnesses said they saw a series of caravans carrying the criminals before the thievery began.

Many stores were victimized in the mob-like crime spree.

There was a Footlocker, a pharmacy, a beauty salon and many more vandalized.

The thieves even helped themselves to iPhones from an Apple Store and T-Mobile.

However, they found out stealing smartphones isn’t the smartest move.

They had to destroy the devices once the Apple set off the alarms on the stolen devices.

In the above aerial footage, you can see the law-ignoring citizens raiding a Target store.

It seems the BLM supporters don’t mind products from a retail chain that sells tuck- friendly clothing for young children.

It’s no wonder earlier in the same day, Target announced it would be closing nine locations in the City of Brotherly Love.

And you know what goes well with Aladdin’s stolen bread?

Apparently, stolen liquor.

Check out all the criminals funneling out of the above adult beverage store while onlookers cheer them on and laugh.

Police end the riots

When the cops finally arrived, many of the thugs fled – while still others resisted arrest with force and tried to fight the cops.

After more than a week of investigating, police arrested 72 looters connected with the riot scene.

The Philadelphia Police Department has mountains of video to examine and has said more arrests are still to come.

However, it’s starting to look like the looters will be getting off lightly.

And it’s all thanks to the District Attorney that won his position thanks to campaign funding from billionaire socialist George Soros.

Will justice be served?

Philadelphia’s soft-on-crime District Attorney Larry Krasner is walking on eggshells when discussing the criminals who turned Philly into chaos in late September.

At a press conference, Krasner downplayed the event as simply “unrest” and “antics.”

Then, after saying he would address each of the suspects on an individual basis, he portrayed the rioters as innocent.

“A large number of them are young, they are between the ages of 18 and 25,” Krasner said at the press conference. “In general, what we’re seeing is that most of them have no criminal record or a minimal criminal record…There are certainly some people in this group who are much more concerning than others…Part of our task will be to make sure we do individual justice in each one of these cases.”

Krasner added he would take an “even-handed approach” to determining charges.

He doesn’t appear at all concerned with the tens of thousands of dollars in damages the criminals caused, the property destroyed and stolen, or the message his inaction will send about the lack of consequences for illegal actions.

Under Krasner’s watch, Philadelphia is experiencing record levels of crime.

It’s been so bad that last year Pennsylvania Republicans impeached him for his blatant dereliction of duty.

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth Court threw out the impeachment.

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