Tucker Carlson just exposed the sick reason behind Democrats’ dark obsession

Oct 11, 2023

The Left is regretting pushing Tucker Carlson off of Fox News.

Now that the handcuffs are off Tucker, he’s tackling issues he would have never been allowed to address on cable news.

Carlson is digging deep and uncovered the sick reason why the Democrats have developed a dark obsession with this issue.

The power of the trans movement

They say you can judge who has true power in society by which groups you’re not allowed to criticize.

And while the radical Left has designated several groups as off-limits for criticism, one group in particular is truly a no-go zone.

And currently, there is no bigger group off limits from criticism than the transgender community and all of its staunch supporters.

Anyone who even questions a child receiving “gender-affirming care” of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or gender-altering surgeries is labeled a bigot and told they contribute to genocide.

Those people have been deplatformed from social media and even lost job opportunities.

Some blue states are even going as far as pushing for legislation that takes children away from parents who don’t play along with the sci-fi fantasy of their child being trapped in the opposite gender’s body.

But now Tucker Carlson is exposing why Leftists are so adamant about transing all the kids.

Tucker exposes the trans agenda

In the latest episode of Tucker on X, Tucker Carlson sat down with Chris Moritz.

Moritz is a longtime investment banker and policy guy, according to Carlson.

In episode 28 of Calrson’s new Twitter show, Moritz detailed what he describes as “Trans Inc.”

Throughout the nearly 50-minute video, Carlson and Moritz follow the money trail, showing the extreme profits in the Left’s move for so-called “trans rights.”

Moritz talked about the recent explosion of trans cases that seemingly came out of nowhere.

“There’s 1.6 million transgender adults, or I should say over the age of 13, transgender individuals in the United States as of 2022,” Moritz said. “Now, that number has doubled in 10 years. In 2011 there were 700,000 transgender Americans over the age 13 and by 2022 that had risen to 1.6 million.”

Carlson responded saying those numbers indicate that the recent wave of transgenderism is not something people could be born with.

According to Moritz, the rate of clinics pushing the aforementioned “gender-affirming care” on minors has far outpaced the increase in people identifying as transgender.

“In terms of the pace of growth [for] clinics serving pediatric patients on gender issues, in the last 15 years in the United States, we had zero,” Moritz said. “[Now we have] over 100 clinics for kids.”

Moritz reported that from 2016 to 2017 alone, there was a 150% increase in gender reassignment surgeries – or what some people more simply describe as genital mutilation.

Follow the money

In following the money, Moritz noticed that the transgender boom seems to have started after Obamacare passed in early 2010.

“Insurance companies were mandated to provide coverage for what is deemed to be medically necessary gender-affirming care.” Moritz explained to Carlson. “As a result of that, between 2010 and 2016, there was a 50% increase in sex reassignment surgeries, a 25% increase in insurance coverage for transgender individuals.”

According to Moritz, an Obamacare amendment made it the law of the land that insurance companies could not use so-called “gender identity” as a basis for denial of coverage.

Thanks to that, Moritz explained to Carlson that this “trans care” is now big business.

Moritz is reporting the industry is expected to grow to a combined value of $7.5 billion – an 8.5% compound annual growth rate from 2022’s combined value of $4.18 billion.

Also in the interview, Carlson and Moritz discussed some of the unhealthy side effects that come from some of these gender reassignment operations.

Find more information

Carlson has received some criticism for selecting Moritz as the person to report on these numbers – as other journalists have been reporting on the topic for far longer.

This summer, City Journal writer and senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, Christopher F. Rufo, released a mini documentary where he outlined the long roots of the transgender movement – starting back way before Obamacare.

The documentary is only about 12-minutes and starts back in the 1960’s and goes all the way to the current day.

Rufo exposed the people who have funded the movement, like Illinois’ Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker’s family, several millions of dollars to the cause.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Bilek’s reporting on the issue has drawn more than one million views across multiple platforms.

Bilek is scheduled to be on Megyn Kelly’s podcast soon.

In the interview she says she’ll dive deeper into the profit motives that Moritz was able to.

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