Franklin Graham just exposed one truth about this jury verdict against Donald Trump that will leave you speechless

May 18, 2023

Democrats are under the impression that their endless avalanche of witch hunts against Donald Trump is finally starting to be too much for the former President to overcome.

They believe that their weaponization of the criminal justice system has given them the ultimate ace up their sleeve.

But Franklin Graham just exposed one truth about this jury verdict against Donald Trump that will leave you speechless.

Democrats, RINOs, and their media allies recently celebrated after a jury ruled that former President Donald Trump was liable for $5 million in damages it awarded to advice columnist E. Jean Carroll after she sued him.

Carroll alleged in both an original lawsuit filed in 2019 – only after she published the accusation in a book she was selling, of course – and a subsequent lawsuit that just happened to be filed right after Trump announced his third White House run in 2022, that the former President raped her at some point in the 1990s.

The self-proclaimed “journalist” could not remember the month or even year the indecent supposedly occurred, leading the jury to reject her claim of rape while somehow simultaneously awarding her $5 million allegedly for battery and defamation.

Of course, even though the jury was explicit that they outright rejected the claim of rape, Democrats, RINOs, and their media allies have all claimed Trump was found guilty of rape.

But, as Rev. Franklin Graham pointed out on social media, it’s clear to anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by the radical Left what’s really going on here.

“It is disappointing that our legal system has become so politicized,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “The former president is being accused of something 30 years ago, and reports say that his accuser can’t recall the month or the year.”

The son of the legendary Rev. Billy Graham, and famed evangelist in his own right, went on to point out that the price tag for such a civil trial is in the millions, and he noted that it showed the former President’s opponents “will stop at nothing.”

“This civil trial with a price tag in the millions seems to be nothing more than ANOTHER attempt to tarnish the former president, plant doubts, and destroy his ability to run for office again,” Graham pointed out. “His enemies will stop at nothing. Pray for our nation. We need God’s help.”

Carroll previously testified during her deposition in the case that no one was helping her fund her lawsuit, but as Forbes pointed out, “Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman funded E. Jean Carroll’s prosecution alleging former President Donald Trump raped her, through a nonprofit group the major Democratic donor backs.”

That’s called lying under oath, and it is against the law.

Furthermore, Carroll openly admitted on the witness stand during the trial that she only filed the original lawsuit against Trump in the first place because the rabid Never-Trump radical co-founder of the disgraced Lincoln Project, George Conway – the husband of top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway – encouraged her to do so.

Needless to say, while Democrats, RINOs, and the media claim Trump was found guilty of a crime the jury literally ruled he was innocent of, supporters of the former President aren’t buying their latest smear campaign.

It’s clear to anyone not brainwashed by the radical Left that this entire ordeal is yet another manipulation of reality that’s resulted from Democrats’ weaponization of the federal government against their political enemies.

And sadly, it won’t be the last.

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