Anthony Fauci is shaking in his boots after Marco Rubio released a bombshell report on what really happened with COVID

May 19, 2023

Last year, Anthony Fauci got the bright idea to retire early, as he believed it would be the best way for him to avoid being held accountable for his role in the COVID regime’s destruction.

But his plan has already proven to have been a total pipe dream.

And now Anthony Fauci is shaking in his boots after Marco Rubio released a bombshell report on what really happened with COVID.

Years in the making

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States, working-class Americans have obviously had a lot of questions that have remained unanswered.

But the full truth about COVID, and a full understanding of all of the government and so-called “experts” failures, will never truly be known until the virus’ origins are definitively determined.

Now, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, has released a more than 240-page report detailing the findings of a years-long investigation the Senator, his staff, and numerous experts conducted to get to the bottom of COVID’s origins.

“After years of censorship, there is growing evidence that some type of lab accident is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic,” Rubio said in a statement on the report’s release. “This report, which took two years to compile, edit, and refine, is a groundbreaking look at what was happening in China during the years and months leading up to the known outbreak of the pandemic.”

“The implications are impossible to ignore: Beijing hid the truth,” the Senator’s statement added. “This report reinforces the need to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable.”

Senator Rubio’s exhaustive effort to investigate the matter led the report to conclude that COVID did, in fact, likely leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in late 2019.

“This study identified a variety of significant indicators that the PRC [People’s Republic of China] authorities and relevant figures in the scientific community possessed some level of awareness of an outbreak of infectious disease well in advance of the first disclosure of this information to the public on December 31, 2019,” the report’s executive summary reads. “Information detailed in this report, including that derived from official Chinese sources, further indicates that a serious biocontainment failure or accident, likely involving a viral pathogen, occurred at the state-run Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) during the second half of 2019 – approximately during the same period of time in which the available epidemiological evidence indicates that SARS-CoV-2 was introduced to the human population in Wuhan.”

Furthermore, the Senator’s investigation determined that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials “likely had at least limited knowledge of this laboratory incident by no later than the middle of November 2019,” but chose to hide it from the rest of the world.

“This incident occurred within a climate of intense political pressure on the CAS [Chinese Academy of Sciences] to stand up the WIV’s new flagship BSL-4 laboratory complex, the first of its kind in China, and to produce technological breakthroughs in short order that would free China of its so-called ‘stranglehold’ problem,” the report states.

Communist China must be held accountable

The report went on to note that their “awareness” of the Wuhan lab leak “seemed to have shaped the CCP leadership’s response” in the very beginning of the pandemic, “a response characterized by strict controls of information, obfuscation, misdirection, punishment of whistleblowers, and the destruction of key clinical evidence.”

On top of that, the report also found that “even when Beijing shared information with the international community – such as the initial notice of a pneumonia outbreak, the later admission that a novel coronavirus was its causal agent, and the publishing of its genomic sequence – it did so belatedly.”

“In all three cases, Beijing possessed the relevant information for some time before sharing it, and disclosed it only when compelled to do so by circumstances beyond its control,” the report added.

The report, which Breitbart declared “arguably the most intensive investigation into this matter published yet by any authority worldwide,” even investigated the matter back to the 1980s to expose Communist China’s decades-in-the-works strategy to become a world leader in biotechnology, an effort that ultimately led to Wuhan becoming a major hub for biopharmaceutical production.

It also details the rogue Communist nation’s history with bioweapons, the weaponization of pathogens, and weaponization of sickness in the past, specifically the near-obsession the CCP has had with coronaviruses over the years, and the connections between China’s scientific research community and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the nation’s primary military force.

Needless to say, the report is undeniably the product of an incredibly exhaustive investigation conducted by the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senate and Intelligence Committee staffers, and outside experts into COVID’s origins.

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