Bill Maher left his audience flabbergasted after revealing how he really feels about losing woke fans

Jul 7, 2023

There’s no denying that Bill Maher is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

But the woke outrage mob has become so untethered from reality that not even a liberal like Maher can defend their left-wing extremism.

And now Bill Maher left his audience flabbergasted after revealing how he really feels about losing woke fans.

Jekyll and Hyde, but in a good way

During a 2019 episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, PragerU co-founder Dennis Prager was openly mocked by the show’s host and panel after he pointed out that left-wing radicals were beginning to openly claim men can menstruate and that anyone who denied this anti-science fairy tale is “transphobic.”

“To say that men can menstruate is a lie and that is now what is said,” Prager began. “Check it out, folks. Anyone who says men cannot menstruate is considered transphobic.”

“I missed this whole story,” Maher replied, mocking Prager by claiming that only “a very small percentage” would make such a claim before calling it “nonsense.”

Fortunately, at some point over the past four years, Maher looked around and realized there were far more than a “very small percentage” pushing such woke extremism in the Democrat Party.

Now, Maher is literally leading the seemingly growing traditional liberal charge against woke extremism, routinely calling out the utter insanity that’s somehow become mainstream within the Party he’s been loyal to for over three decades.

And as a result, many of those within his predominantly left-wing audience have turned on the host, even blasting him as a “right-wing extremist” and “white supremacist” – sound familiar?

But according to Maher himself, he really couldn’t care any less.

During a recent episode of Real Time, Maher, who was joined by actor Jon Hamm, admitted that he’s lost a “fair number” of “super woke” viewers recently but also hopes they “don’t let the door hit you in the a**” on their way out of his audience.

“I keep basically the same philosophy for 30 years, even though the politics changes so sometimes my audience changes – I mean, I’ve lost a fair number of this what I would call ‘super woke,’ and it’s good,” Maher explained to Hamm. “Don’t let the door hit you in the a**. You were no fun to begin with. You have no sense of humor.”

While it’s not really a surprise that Maher feels this way about the “super woke” considering the positions he’s publicly taken against them of late, Hamm’s response certainly was.

“You’re shooting yourself in the foot . . .”

The Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor, who like most all of Hollywood has been a very vocal Democrat his entire career, told Maher he believes “that particular affliction” – aka “super woke” – is beginning to wane.

“Don’t you think – and you tell me, because you have a little more of a sense of what the mood in the room, so to speak, is – but I feel like that particular affliction is waning in some way,” Hamm said. “Because it feels like it’s reached its useful conclusion, the critical mass is like, ‘ok, we get it, we get it. There is a useful quality to some of what you are saying. The overreaction, overbearing thing of it is absolutely not useful, and in fact, it’s counterproductive to your own point.”

“You’re shooting yourself in the foot and then wondering why you walk with a limp,” the actor added.

However, while Maher pointed out a few examples of the backlash that is beginning to build against woke extremism, he remains cautiously optimistic about what the future may hold for the woke war on culture.

“This is something that comes up – it’s so funny you say this – this comes up so often lately, somebody says this exact thing to me, people I very much respect and they may be right, and I’m hopeful about that,” Maher said. “But there’s this idea ‘oh, we’re seeing the backlash.’”

Maher then explained that he feels as though the fact he was able to start a segment for his show entitled “The Cojones Awards,” in which he recognized those who stand up to cancel culture, is certainly a positive sign that the backlash is building against woke extremists.

“That’s an indication to me that if I can have this little awards show for people who stand up to cancel culture maybe that’s true, maybe this is a wave that’s coming,” Maher added.

The comedian also knows the woke extremists within his own Party rather well, though, and knows they aren’t going down without a major fight.

“But that fact that a few people have stood out and did that to me doesn’t – I don’t know,” Maher stated. “These people aren’t going away.”

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