The woke outrage mob flew off the handle after this University made one game-changing free speech decision

Jul 7, 2023

It’s easy to assume all hope is lost for America’s institutions of higher learning.

But as it turns out, there may still be hope yet.

And the woke outrage mob flew off the handle after this University made one game-changing free speech decision.

Quite the turn of events

About a month ago, University of Cincinnati student Olivia Krolczyk posted a video to TikTok in which she revealed that after being tasked with submitting a proposal for a final project on feminism, she received a failing grade for using a term her professor deemed “exclusionary.”

Krolczyk’s proposal topic was the history of women in professional sports and the fact that biological men who purport to be transgender women competing in women’s sports are “actively taking away the opportunities of biological females and violating the opportunities they have fought so hard to gain in the first place” – a proposal her woke extremist professor admitted was a “solid proposal.”

But the woke extremist professor failed Krolczyk for the proposal, giving her a “zero” on the assignment because she used the term “biological women” – a term that’s kind of difficult to not use when writing about transgender women competing in women’s sports.

“I 100% know that this is like the most biased grade ever because my project is about transgenders competing in biological women’s sports,” Krolczyk said in the TikTok video.

Rather than allowing a woke extremist to fail her over made up rules, Krolczyk proactively reached out to the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion, which ultimately agreed with her that she should be allowed to write her paper on her original proposal, which would also be graded by another professor to ensure the grading isn’t biased against her.

While that in and of itself would typically go down as a win for freedom of speech – and sanity, common sense, science, truth, rational thinking, decency, etc. – it actually gets even better.

You see, the University of Cincinnati and the professor’s department had yet to weigh-in on the matter, and shockingly, rather than merely allowing the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion’s decision to stand alone and hoping the matter went away quietly, the school took action to protect freedom of speech.

You don’t see that everyday

According to a truly jaw-dropping document obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer, University of Cincinnati Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies – how ironic – adjunct professor Melanie Rose Nipper has been “formally reprimanded” for her actions against Krolczyk.

“Please note that this is to be considered a formal reprimand for your actions,” the document dated June 14 reads. “A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent records.”

Along with the reprimand, which believe it or not was reportedly issued by the head of the University’s Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Nipper has been ordered to submit all syllabi for her classes in the upcoming school year for approval prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Needless to say, considering the fact that this entire ordeal didn’t end in Krolczyk being reprimanded by the school and ordered to attend “sensitivity training” or some other woke indoctrination program, is a minor miracle at this point in woke extremists’ war on society.

But just to prove how unprecedented of a decision this is by any institute of higher learning, the University of Cincinnati has also ordered the professor to attend free speech training.

You just simply don’t see a woke extremist professor being reprimanded, held accountable, and sent to free speech training for enforcing woke dogma on a university’s student body everyday.

With this decision and the backlash corporations are finally starting to receive for attempting to force woke extremism on their customers, it’s difficult to not feel as though the tide is finally turning against woke extremism.

The mere fact that sanity prevailed, for once, on an American college campus in 2023 can only be described as a massive step in the right direction.

And now, maybe – just maybe – others will follow suit.

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