Woke liberalism has absolutely destroyed America’s trust in this institution

Sep 7, 2023

Liberals have been quietly killing every major institution in the country.

Woke ideology has been seeping not only into government but also into the court system and our medical care.

But now, Leftists are looking at new poll numbers that show America’s faith and trust in this institution is at a record low, and they are scrambling to repair the damage.

The kids are not alright

For a generation, Americans have witnessed the Leftward march of culture.

Democrats accomplished this by taking over the institutions of Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Academia.

However, hard-working Americans have recently begun to wake up and fight back against the Leftist assault on western culture.

And in particular, American families are finally beginning to understand how badly children are being let down by the government-run school system.

The old standards of reading, writing, and arithmetic have been replaced with Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, and anti-American propaganda.

And it is no accident – this change in curriculum is completely by design.

But a new poll suggests Democrats may soon need to come up with a new strategy if they wish to continue indoctrinating the next generation of radical activists.

Satisfaction with K-12 schools tie all-time low

Gallup has released a new poll showing Americans are overwhelmingly fed up with the public school system.

According to Gallup, satisfaction with government-run schools has reached an all-time low.

The survey found only 8% of respondents are “completely satisfied with the state of public education in the United States.”

Only 28% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”

That total 36% satisfaction rate ties for the lowest in the Gallup survey history.

More respondents, 38%, were “somewhat dissatisfied” with the education system than the total number were satisfied with the schools.

Another 25% said they’re completely dissatisfied – that one quarter of the entire U.S. population.

Specifically, the survey shows the satisfaction rate among parents dropped six-points since 2019.

One of the differences could be that during COVID, many students were being taught over Zoom, giving parents their first up-close-and-personal look at the so-called “education” their children were receiving.

Bipartisan disgust with government-run schools

The Gallup poll found that there is a distinct party divide on the issue – but even Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents are dissatisfied with the current state of education.

“Americans’ satisfaction with the quality of K-12 education in the U.S. has fallen to a record low point as a new school year begins,” Gallup writes in a summary of the survey. “Both party groups are at or near record-low satisfaction levels, but Republicans are significantly less likely to be satisfied than Democrats are.”

The Gallup findings on K-12 education are in line with what the group found a couple months ago about American satisfaction with college education.

The August poll from Gallup found that just slightly better than a third of Americans, 36%, said they had confidence in higher education.

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