This Democrat-run city is turning its back on a Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Fame Quarterback

Sep 7, 2023

Joe Montana has been part of San Francisco for decades.

But after years of neglect, Joe Montana is now fighting San Francisco over a stinky situation.

Joe Montana just filed a lawsuit against Democrats in San Francisco because they have turned their back on him and other citizens.

San Francisco is a living nightmare

Over the last century, San Francisco has been one of the worst cities to live in in the United States.

The city just has a tendency to be infested with radical Democrats whose policies go against the general welfare of San Franciscans.

And as a result, you can see the years of damage caused by those bad policies today.

You will be hard-pressed to find a city in the United States with a higher homeless population than San Francisco.

And if you do walk the streets of the once great “Golden City,” you’ll have to dodge poop and needles littering the sidewalks.

But there’s been one bright spot for the collapsing city.

San Francisco’s NFL team, the 49ers, have been bringing hope to the city for years.

And the San Francisco 49ers would be nothing without Joe Montana.

Poopy situation for Joe Montana

Joe Montana is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, as he delivered the 49ers to four Super Bowl wins.

And he has been enshrined in history as an NFL Hall of Famer and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

But it looks like the relationship between San Francisco and Joe Montana may finally be on the ropes, as now even the cesspool of the Golden City may be too much for the hall of fame quarterback.

It has been reported that Joe Montana is suing San Francisco.

Joe Montana is joining over 50 other residents in San Francisco in a lawsuit for damages against the city.

What are they seeking damages for?

According to the lawsuit, San Francisco’s infrastructure failed, and sewage flooded their homes, including Joe Montana’s mansion.

The filing for the lawsuit states, “The part of this system that runs through the Marina is antiquated and has been neglected and inadequately maintained by the city and county of San Francisco.”

It continued by claiming:

As a result, the system routinely gets overwhelmed, overflows, and inundates plaintiffs’ properties and neighborhood with untreated sewage and contaminated water … permeating the soils, walls and floors and depositing highly contaminated and toxic fecal and other raw sewage matter in and around Plaintiffs’ homes.

Can you think of a worse situation as a homeowner than to have your house flooded with poop from drug-using homeless folks?

With everything Joe Montana has done for San Francisco, the city repays him by not being able to maintain a sewage system that ends up flooding his house.

This should be another reminder for anyone considering moving to a Democrat-run city to get out, because if democrats don’t even care about Joe Montana, they won’t care about you.

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