Tim Scott turned the tables on Sunny Hostin and left her looking like a racist jerk

Sep 19, 2023

The crooked, woke media establishment loves to criticize conservatives but ignore their own failures.

These left-leaning media pundits often have a great deal of influence on American opinion and are rarely held to account.

Now Tim Scott turned the tables on Sunny Hostin and left her looking like a racist jerk.

Hosts on The View are worried that if elected, Tim Scott will marry a “Ginni Thomas” type

Earlier this month, Sunny Hostin was discussing the relationship status of Presidential hopeful Tim Scott on The View

The panel of radical Left women were grabbing onto a popular conversation of Scott’s bachelorhood. 

They seemed to be afraid of who he might end up marrying once he was elected.

“The only thing that I worry about is like a Ginni Thomas popping up,” Hostin said, referencing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife.

The talk-show host went on to consider the possibilities, “so, you have someone who is single, and someone becomes president and then he meets a Ginni Thomas…”

“Most people know there’s some wonder as to how involved she is in what happens on the Supreme Court,” Hostin elaborated, assuming “pillow talk” is how Justice Thomas reaches his opinions.

“If someone is not married and then they get married to a Ginni Thomas then I’m concerned…I’d like to know what I’m getting into…” she said, assuming that this hypothetical future First Lady would be the real President.

The clip made its rounds on social media before Scott stepped in to defend himself.

Scott says the radical Left is worried that a “Black man that thinks for himself” will be President

Scott joined Fox News host Sean Hannity, where they discussed the issue of the hosts on The View discussing his personal life. 

Hannity started out by pointing out the obvious fact that Justice Thomas was a Black man from Georgia, and his wife Ginni is a White woman from Nebraska.

Scott agreed with the idea that her words were racially motivated and said, “The Democratic Party and the progressive left, they are stuck in Jim Crow, 1920s and 30s.” 

The Senator went on to say that the radical Left and their supporters in the media don’t want to see a “black man who thinks for himself” in a position of power.

Scott believes “that’s why Sunny is so radical and so disgusting with her comments.”

“They don’t want my life story to be told because it disrupts the lies of the radical Left,” he said.

The Hostin comments aren’t the first time that Scott has had conflict with the hosts on The View.

The View is plagued by a history of racist scandals

Scott says that the show is full of racially motivated scandals, and he pointed specifically to an incident involving Joy Behar in the 1980s. 

That stemmed from an appearance by Behar in a Halloween costume, which she said was a “beautiful African woman.”

Critics like Scott say that it was an obvious example of Blackface and that it was a double standard for the Left to go after conservatives who have done the same. 

Scott says that Behar avoided him when he appeared on the show because she was afraid that she would be called out in person again.

Don Jr. once took the opportunity to call out Behar for the Blackface incident, and it went about how you would have expected.

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