Deion Sanders could jump ship and go to this powerhouse college football program, and you’ll be shocked to learn where

Sep 19, 2023

Prime Time mania has taken over the college football world. 

Now the sports media has created some interesting speculation about where Deion Sanders might go next. 

There are shocking rumors that Deion Sanders could jump ship and go to this powerhouse college football program, and you’ll be shocked to learn where. 

Deion Sanders has all the momentum

When you have the momentum in sports anything is possible. 

Who can forget when the Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in 2017 during Super Bowl LI after being down 28 to 3?

Once they gained the momentum, they never looked back. 

The same goes with the United States hockey team in 1980, which just dominated the better and more talented Soviet Union team. 

The Miracle on Ice was nothing but a game of momentum. 

The United States had all the momentum, so they would not lose that pivotal game. 

All the same goes for careers in sports, and Deion Sanders has unmatched momentum behind him. 

This time last year, he was a college football coach at a lower level D1 school where most people couldn’t even name the mascot. 

But his Jackson State team still had publicity because their coach was Sanders. 

Well, now fast forward to a quarter of the way through the college football season in 2023, and Deion Sanders is the most talked about college football coach in recent memory. 

Even Nick Saban is second to Deion Sanders amongst the talk and buzz of the college football pundits. 

And now there’s rumors swirling that Deion Sanders could join Nick Saban and SEC at one of the most prominent college football programs in America.

Deion to Florida?

If there is one man in college football who knows what is going on more than anybody else, it is SEC analyst Paul Finebaum. 

Finebaum just has ears in locker rooms and front offices across college football. 

And Finebaum is predicting that Deion Sanders may be the next new head coach of the Florida Gators. 

He went on The Audible with Stew & Bruce to claim:

You’ve got a brand-new president there in former Senator Ben Sasse who is a forward-thinking guy who would look at Deion (Sanders) and go, ‘I like this.’ I think he could consider this the ticket. It is considered one of the premier public universities in the country. They just finished No. 1 in a poll, and I think Deion fits their makeup very well. The fact that he played at Florida State makes it even more intriguing and more enticing for Deion. How do you not be attracted by that fertile recruiting ground down there?

The problem with his analysis is that Florida just beat a national top tier team in Tennessee. 

It is hard to fire a coach in a season when they have a win versus a top ten opponent. 

But the idea of Prime Time going to the Gators is intriguing nonetheless. 

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