This school district is doing everything they can to block Libs of TikTok

Sep 26, 2023

The public education system in America is quickly turning into an indoctrination tool of the Left and a grooming forum for pedophiles.

The one thing these radicals do not want is accountability and parents to know what they are doing, even though taxpayers are forced to pay their bills.

But now a Colorado School District has been exposed online by Libs of TikTok, and they’re going to extraordinary lengths to hide what they are up to.

Libs of TikTok founder is doing everything she can to “help people fight this agenda”

Libs of TikTok has risen to fame over the past few years by exposing radical Left accounts on social media.

Chaya Raichik spends her time reposting content of leftists that are championing their ideology online to raise awareness around some of the most pressing issues in the culture war.

Raichik was exposed by Taylor Lorenz after remaining anonymous for nearly two years.

Lorenz was hoping to stop Libs of TikTok from continuing the campaign, but she only emboldened Raichik.

Shortly after being doxed by Lorenz, the prominent influencer came out in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

In the interview, the Libs of TikTok founder vowed to continue her fight over culture war issues.

Raichik said that having her identity revealed would help her fight the fight.

“I have never done any in-person events. And I am choosing to do that now…” she told Carlson.

“I am excited…I want to do all I can and help people fight this agenda,” Raichik said.

School district in Colorado blocked Libs of TikTok when asked about sexually explicit content

Now that activists on the Left know about Libs of TikTok, they dread the day that they cross the path of Raichik.

Some people attempt to fight back against the influencer, but the more common tendency is that they cower and hide out of fear.

Recently a parent from Cherry Creek School District in Greenwood Village, CO, reached out to Libs of TikTok to help expose the district for making sexually explicit books available to kids.

As usual, Raichik contacted the school district to inform them of the complaint and request comment.

Shortly after her attempts to contact the school, Raichik was informed that all emails coming from the Libs of TikTok domain were being blocked.

Multiple attempts were made over the course of several days, and finally she was able to get a response from the school—but she had to use a brand-new email.

Raichik wonders if this block violates her First Amendment rights

Even Libs of TikTok found this to be surprising—they say this is a first for them.

According to their website, normally schools reacting to this type of content do one of three things.

Acknowledge the porn in their schools and take action to remove it.

Defend the porn in schools and expose themselves as groomers.

Ignore it completely.

“This district didn’t even give anyone a chance to reply to us, they just blocked our domain from the start!” Libs of TikTok showed in posts on their website.

It’s concerning to see a school block all communications to and from the Libs of TikTok email domain.

Raichik believes it’s likely they might be hiding something bigger or be incredibly ashamed of what they’re exposing their students to.

It also raised the question, “Does this violate the First Amendment?”

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