Matt Gaetz explains that a government shutdown would be Speaker McCarthy’s fault – not his

Sep 27, 2023

Reckless federal spending is threatening to destroy America.

Republicans seem to be lockstep on agreeing on the problem, but they are divided in what constitutes the solution.

Matt Gaetz just made it very clear that most of the blame of a government shutdown lies at the feet of McCarthy – not his.

Government on the verge of shutdown over failed promise made by McCarthy

The federal government is on the verge of a shutdown over a stalemate on the budget.

There are few heroes left in Congress, and Rep. Matt Gaetz hopes to prove that he is one of them.

Earlier this year, Gaetz and other conservatives in the House refused to vote for Speaker McCarthy unless he made certain concessions.

One of those concessions was to put an end to fiscal irresponsibility that is plaguing Washington and replace omnibus spending bills with single subject spending bills.

However, the deadline for the budget is here, and the House has still not voted on single-subject spending.

That’s forcing some people to champion a continuing resolution.

Gaetz went on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this weekend to explain his position following an interview with Rep. Jim Jordan.

Gaetz and Bartiromo got into a heated exchange over his dedication to single-subject spending bills

The Florida Rep. acknowledged Jim Jordan’s points and called him a friend and mentor.

Then, he went on to explain how Jordan was contradicting himself.

The Representative from Florida said, “It was quite painful” to watch Jordan say, “We should only pick one fight, the border,” and then roll over into several more fights.

“‘Well, we should pick a second fight, Jack Smith.’ And by the time the interview rounded out he was saying we shouldn’t be funding Ukraine without a plan,” Gaetz continued.

Highlighting the hypocrisy, Gaetz said, “Yet the very continuing resolution that you and Jim Jordan seem to be for continues to have $300 million more for Ukraine.”

Gaetz says that he agrees with Jordan that “we ought to fight on all fronts,” but slammed his colleague for a lack of focus and method.

Bartiromo asked Gaetz why he was “trying to shut down the government” when “Republicans have finally gotten some upper hands here” to investigate Biden.

Gaetz said that the “premise” that a shutdown would slow the investigation into Biden was “false.”

Biden investigation will continue regardless of whether they fund the government

“We don’t put our pencils down in the investigation of President Biden during a shutdown…[and] if Kevin McCarthy was actually serious about pursuing the Bidens, he would have sent Hunter Biden a subpoena by now.”

Gaetz said McCarthy is putting on a “failure theater” and that House Republicans seem to be “unserious” on oversight.

“But what is serious is the fact that we are spending more than $7 trillion a year, bringing in around $5 trillion a year…I want to fund the government. I’m not pro shutdown,” he said emphatically.

“The way to fund the government is not the same way we’ve been doing it since the mid-90’s where it’s one up or down vote on the entire government all at once,” Gaetz explained.

Gaetz believes that “we should have separate single subject spending bills.”

Kevin McCarthy did promise single-subject spending bills in January, and Gaetz says “he is in breach of that promise.”

“I’m not here to hold the government hostage. I’m here to hold Kevin McCarthy to his word,” Gaetz concluded.

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