This judge ruled against American Muslims because of this disgusting reason

Sep 1, 2023

Americans of all kinds are getting fed up and tired of woke left-wing ideology in the schools.

Americans of all stripes are fighting back on the indoctrination of their children.

But this judge just ruled against American Muslims putting leftist ideology over parental rights.

A district court has ruled against parents of students in the Montgomery County, Maryland school district who were simply asking their children to be allowed to opt-out of schools teaching LGBT propaganda.

It was the policy

The parents, who include many of the Muslim faith, were calling for an injunction ahead of school’s August 28 start date.

It is worth pointing out that until the school district changed it in March, the policy allowed for students to opt-out.

After the policy change ending the ability to opt out, the parents filed a lawsuit against the new policy on the basis that it violated their First Amendment religious rights to freely instruct their children.

The parents are being helped by the Becket non-profit law firm.

Just last week the court denied the request for an injunction.

“Because the plaintiffs have not established any of their claims is likely to succeed on the merits, the Court need not address the remaining preliminary injunction factors. Nonetheless, because a constitutional violation is not likely or imminent, it follows that the plaintiffs are not likely to suffer imminent irreparable harm,” the ruling read in part.

The ruling means that schools in Montgomery County will be able to include teaching on gay pride parades, gender transition, and pronoun preference without even informing parents and without parents’ ability to opt their children out of such overtly pro-LGBTQ indoctrination.

The court’s ruling continued:

“The plaintiffs seek the same relief pending appeal as in their preliminary injunction motion: an injunction that requires the Board to provide advance notice and opt-outs from instruction involving the storybooks and family life and human sexuality. For the reasons stated in this opinion, the Court cannot conclude the plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of an appeal. The plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction pending appeal is denied.”

The parents have no plans to give up.

Eric Baxter, who is representing the parents, says they plan to appeal.

“Today, the district court decided parents have no right to notice when extreme ideology is pushed on their elementary-age children during story hour,” Baxter wrote on social media.

“With the new school year beginning, the case is on the fast track to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals — and the parents plan to appeal the decision,” he added.

Baxter said the extreme LGBTQ teaching in Montgomery County schools includes instruction about the terms “intersex,” “drag queens,” and “non-binary” from pre-K through eighth grade.

“The school board should let kids be kids and let parents parent. Children are entitled to enjoy a period of innocence and be guided by their own parents on how and when to approach the complex and sensitive issues being pushed by the school board,” concluded Baxter.

Hopefully the 4th circuit will overturn this atrocious ruling and give parents back the right to raise their own children.

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