The real reasons why Joe Biden stayed in his basement in 2020 was revealed by this former ESPN host

Oct 9, 2023

Every time Joe Biden speaks in public, more people doubt his competence.

But that’s not stopping the sitting President from seeking four more years in the White House.

But now this former ESPN host exposed the real reasons Biden made almost the entirety of his 2020 run from his basement.

The basement campaign

Early in 2020, COVID was a dream come true for then candidate Joe Biden.

First, it crippled one of then-President Donald Trump’s biggest selling points – the record-breaking economic gains he created.

Second, pandemic regulations allowed for voting tricks like no-excuse mail in ballots and ballot drop boxes that were ripe for fraud.

And third, the Biden campaign team could always pull out the pandemic card as an excuse to keep the then-77-year-old former Vice President off television and the campaign trail.

Political pundits often joked at the time about Biden running his campaign from his basement.

And now former ESPN host Sage Steele is sharing her personal experience of what it was like trying to interview Biden.

Sage Steele goes her own way

Sage Steele parted ways with ESPN this past August after she reached a settlement with the supposed “worldwide leader in sports” parent company, Disney.

Sage sued the company in 2022 after she was punished for calling ESPN’s COVID vax jab mandate “sick” on former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast.

Just a few months prior to her comments on vaccine mandates, Steele interviewed President Joe Biden.

Biden was commenting on Major League Baseball moving its All-Star Game out of Atlanta because Republicans in Georgia passed common sense election integrity laws.

The President was calling the law “Jim Crow on steroids.”

In reality, following the passage of the GOP’s election integrity bill, including voter ID, the black vote in Georgia actually increased.

In fact, Georgia had record midterm turnout last year, pouring cold water all over Biden’s fear mongering.

But Steele had other issues with the interview, and now, she’s spilling the tea.

Biden makes Steele feel “sad”

Steele was a recent guest on comedian Bill Maher’s podcast Club Random.

The former ESPN anchor told Maher the story of her experience interviewing President Biden.

The Biden portion of the podcast comes at about the 30-minute mark of the above video.

Steele recounted Biden’s team had to literally prop up POTUS and explain to him where he was and why he needed to talk to people.

During the interview with the President, Steele asked Biden about his athletic history.

“And then I said, ‘Oh, so you were a receiver,'” Steele recalled. “And he started to explain it. And here’s the saddest thing — his voice just trailed off. He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent, and he goes, ‘Uhh… never mind.’”

Sage said in that moment a light bulb went off in her head about the 2020 election.

“I thought it was so sad because I realized that’s why he was in his basement during the whole election cycle,” Sage continued. “Because even then, he couldn’t finish his sentences. He struggled. So, forget about politics, I don’t care, I didn’t vote for him. However, that made me sad.”

The scariest part of Steele’s story is: the interview she was talking about was two years ago.

Biden’s cognitive state has only deteriorated since then.

And yet, the 80-year-old will likely be the Democrat nominee in 2024 for another four years running the United States.

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