Coach Deion Sanders was absolutely shocked when Snoop Dogg called with this message

Oct 9, 2023

Deion Sanders has made Colorado a legitimate team.

They’ve shown that they can hang with the best and can bring in the viewers like no one else can.

But despite all the attention, this phone call to Deion Sanders from Snoop Dogg left the coach speechless.

Colorado is rising

Most teams in college football that are on the top tier level have been there for a long time.

Teams like Notre Dame, Alabama, and Florida State all have football dynasties that go back generations.

When you go and visit their collection of trophies, they have some that go back all the way back to World War II.

But there’s one program that’s showing that they’re a top tier institution that doesn’t have much of a history, and that’s Colorado.

Colorado last year went 1 and 11 and was the worst team in the PAC-12.

But then, they hired Deion Sanders to be their head coach with the hope that he would change the team into a winning dynasty, and so far, he has lived up to the hype.

This year Deion Sanders has shown that his team is a credible threat to anyone in the nation when they play them.

They might be bold, bombastic, and annoying to some, but they are a legitimate football team.

Just look at how they hung with arguably the best team in America as they lost 48 to 41 against USC.

Well, there is so much buzz around them because people are in shock about just how good they’ve become in just one year.

And now they’re even getting calls from one of the biggest pop stars in America that no one saw coming.

Snoop Dogg is on the line

Snoop Dog was so impressed by Colorado freshman wide receiver Omarion Miller in his performance against USC that he personally called Deion Sanders to talk to Miller.

Coach Prime explained the exchange by saying, “I challenged him yesterday and I got a dear friend that called me and summoned me to get him on the phone to Facetime.”

Sanders continued by adding that Snoop Dogg, “wanted to let him know that he has a tremendous gift. And I don’t know what the conversation was, but I know I just handed him the phone, and I said somebody wants to talk to you.”

Miller told reporters, “That whole thing was crazy.”

When asked what was said, Miller claimed that Snoop Dogg “was just telling me, you know, ‘Keep working.’ He liked what I did.”

Miller did put on a clinic in the last two quarters against USC as he recorded 196 receiving yards and one touchdown in just one half of football.

Now that’s impressive.

If Colorado continues to play like they are now, they will be bowl-eligible in no time, if not contenders for a major bowl game.

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