The left-wing outrage mob lost it after Bill Maher pointed out this glaring flaw in cancel culture

Apr 24, 2023

Comedian Bill Maher is one of the few liberals who is willing to speak out against the radical Left’s woke insanity.

Nearly every week a new clip of him railing against some aspect of the extreme left-wing insanity taking over the Democrat Party seems to go viral.

And now the left-wing outrage mob lost it after Bill Maher pointed out this glaring flaw in cancel culture.

They know he’s right

Earlier this week, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher sat with Fox Nation’s Piers Morgan for a wide-ranging interview on Piers Morgan: Uncensored.

During the interview, the conversation eventually came around to the topic of cancel culture, as Maher pointed out the fact that, “Nobody ever gets canceled for being too woke.”

The liberal comedian rightly argued that many people have been brainwashed by radical left-wing activists, to the point where as long as someone professes radical leftists’ beliefs, they can make even the most insanely untrue statements, and others will simply go right along with it.

“Nobody ever gets canceled for being too woke,” Maher pointed out. “So you can say the craziest thing, like ‘men can have babies,’ and then nobody will — even though people are thinking, ‘well, that’s kind of nuts’ – nobody will say it. They’ll just fall in line.”

“‘Uh, yeah, exactly, that’s what I’ve always thought,’” he added, sarcastically mocking the woke radical Left. “‘Sure. I saw a dude who was glowing yesterday.’ And that’s the problem.”

Maher went on to blast those who simply go along with the insanity for their “cowardice,” which prompted Morgan to agree and add that it was also “moral cowardice,” to which the comedian threw out “intellectual cowardice,” as well – just cowardice all around.

Will the tide ever turn?

From there, Morgan proceeded to note that some who haven’t spoken out when left-wing radicals push outright lies and attack objective truth are likely afraid of the consequences of going against the woke outrage mob.

“They’ve seen people around them literally getting canceled, getting shamed and abused —” Morgan said, to which Maher agreed. “Hounded out of jobs — they think, ‘I don’t want it to happen to me.’”

Those who have those fears would certainly be justified, as dozens of far more powerful and wealthy celebrities have faced being “canceled” for far less than actually standing up against left-wing radicals’ lies.

Even those who aren’t at all afraid to stand up to the left-wing outrage mob often find themselves in a position where they have to weigh whether it’s truly worth the hassle when it’s unlikely to result in actually changing anyone’s mind.

However, as Maher and Morgan discussed in a separate conversation on Real Time with Bill Maher just days before the aforementioned Fox Nation interview aired, recent events have given rational and objective Americans a glimmer of hope that a “moment of reckoning” has finally arrived.

During that Real Time conversation – which also hilariously included Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), who literally embodies everything the pair ripped about left-wing radicals – the recent controversy surrounding brands like Bud Light and Nike signing controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to sponsorship deals was discussed.

That prompted Morgan to point out the absurdity of the ad deals, especially that of Nike, as the company hired Mulvaney – a biological male who identified as a gay man just 13 months ago – to model their sports bras, calling it “a slap in the face to actual women.”

“I said that for someone who identified as a gay man until last year to be sporting a women’s sports bra, despite having no breasts, as ‘they’ pranced around like a clueless non-athlete, mimicking how a misogynist would scornfully depict a woman doing sport, struck me as a slap in the face to actual women,” Morgan wrote in a New York Post op-ed reflecting on the discussion with Maher.

The Fox Nation host also pointed out the shocking fact that Maher’s predominantly left-wing audience largely agreed with his take, saying “it felt like a moment of reckoning.”

“It felt like a moment of reckoning, when an insane ideology hits the buffers of basic common sense, and the public knows it,” Morgan concluded.

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