The brothers Jussie Smollett hired for his hoax hate crime just made a major admission to Sean Hannity

Apr 5, 2023

Most Americans had never heard of Jussie Smollett until he decided to falsely claim Donald Trump supporters had assaulted him for a hate crime.

After being convicted on five felonies, watching his TV career go down the drain, and becoming a national punchline, the actor is back in the news but not for the reason he wanted.

And now the brothers Jussie Smollett hired for his hoax hate crime just made a major admission to Sean Hannity.

Justice for Juicy

Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, the Nigerian brothers disgraced felon Jussie Smollett hired to pretend to be supporters of former President Donald Trump and attack him in order to perpetrate his hoax hate crime, are finally speaking out about their role in the farce.

The two brothers were hired by the former Empire actor to carry out the orchestrated “hate crime” for $3,500 back in 2019.

But unlike Smollett, who continues to claim he was somehow a victim in his own hoax, the Osundairo brothers actually appear to regret their role in the ordeal.

In fact, the brothers sat for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity late last week, and before Hannity could even truly begin the interview, Olabinjo made a major admission.

Olabinjo prefaced the interview by offering up an apology for the role he and his brother played in the hoax, admitting that they allowed their ambition to cloud their ability to see the ramifications a stunt like that could have on the nation.

“I just first want to apologize to everyone in the audience, the country, and anyone who might have been affected by this directly,” Olabinjo said. “When we were asked to partake in this, we really didn’t foresee the ramifications of what something like this could do to the country. We allowed our ambition to cloud our judgment.”

Abimbola, who previously testified that he only helped Smollett because he believed his then-friend would help his own acting career, told Hannity that while the disgraced actor never gave them a motive for the hoax, they simply believed it was to “increase his star level.”

“The police did ask us what Jussie’s motive was, but Jussie did not really tell me a motive,” Abimbola said. “[But] from what he was speaking about, or talking about, I would say what he wanted to accomplish was to increase his star level.”

“This guy was a fraud”

Hearing the brothers retell the story, it certainly seems as though they simply thought Smollett was pulling a little publicity stunt to get his name in the news – not staging a hate crime he would turn around and use as a political weapon to attack millions of Americans as “racist” and “homophobic.”

But after watching him in TV appearances after the hoax – even crying over the incident during one interview – the brothers said they finally realized Smollett was “a fraud.”

“I thought he was a good actor, but I also thought this guy was a fraud,” Abimbola said of Smollett’s interview antics. “This guy is really just sitting here, lying to these people. Lying through his teeth, and not caring . . . I did feel betrayed by Jussie and what he had done. I didn’t know what to do — I wasn’t ready to say anything. Like, I was mute. And I didn’t want to say anything.”

“Insane,” he added. “That’s when I really saw a different side of Jussie. Like, dude, really? This is when I knew that this dude was like a supervillain.”

The Osundairo brothers have also recently taken part in a Fox Nation docuseries entitled Anatomy of a Hoax, in which they gave more in-depth interviews about all the details around the hoax hate crime.

As a matter of fact, at one point in the series, the brothers even take a camera crew with them to the site of the hoax and literally reenact everything they did and said that night.

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