Gavin Newsom is groveling to Joe Biden for help weeks too late

Apr 4, 2023

The federal government has become very bloated and inefficient under Joe Biden.

The results have been devastating as Americans across the nation are often left stranded after major disasters and emergencies.

And now Gavin Newsom is groveling to Joe Biden for help weeks too late.

Americans are abandoning all hope in the federal government

In recent months, America has faced significant challenges in regards to natural and human-caused disasters.

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, for example has left thousands of people without clean water.

The federal government has done virtually nothing to help these people, which is all too common in Joe Biden’s America.

Over in California, record snowstorms are now impacting the state, leaving people stranded.

California faces more natural disasters than any other state, yet the state government is in a perpetual state of disarray and disorganization.

As a result, Gavin Newsom is groveling for help from Joe Biden to help with these blizzards and other disasters.

Gavin Newsom began, “California is deploying every tool we have to protect communities from the relentless and deadly storms battering our state.”

Newsom added, “In these dangerous and challenging conditions, it is crucial that Californians remain vigilant and follow all guidance from local emergency responders.”

Joe Biden has since approved a Presidential Emergency Declaration, but many are saying the move is too little too late.

Most of the snowstorms have come and gone, and any efforts from the federal government to assist are futile at this point.

The biggest concern for rescuers is the predicted snow melt, which could potentially cause flooding and mudslides, both of which are very unpredictable.

To make matters worse, many Californians are outraged over the fact that Gavin Newsom took a vacation to Mexico in the midst of this natural disaster.

As far as the federal government is concerned, the White House has not said much about the disaster, and it is unclear how much they are prepared to do.

Joe Biden’s failure to lead is harming millions of Americans

Over the last two years, Joe Biden has made it very clear that he is more interested in instigating foreign wars and playing politics than he is with protecting Americans.

Since Joe Biden took the oath of office, America has been rattled by one crisis after another, and every time Joe Biden is nowhere to be found.

Whether it be crippling natural disasters, train derailments, or threats to America’s national security, Joe Biden is refusing to give adequate assistance.

Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C., are far more interested in playing war games in Ukraine.

Democrats and Joe Biden have authorized billions of dollars to help Ukraine and other foreign nationals while many Americans do not have clean drinking water or safe roads to drive on.

These emergency response failures in California once again prove the danger of electing far-left radicals like Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden to important positions of power.

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