Tampa Mayor just saw how drugs are literally flooding the country in Joe Biden’s America

Aug 10, 2023

Sometimes, in order to fully appreciate the magnitude of a problem, you have to see it to believe it.

That may be just what happened for one public official in the Sunshine State.

And the Tampa Mayor just saw how drugs are literally flooding the country in Joe Biden’s America.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor went on a fishing trip with her family in July.

She managed to bring in quite a haul, but it wasn’t at all what she bargained for.

Castor was on a fishing trip off the Middle Keys city of Marathon when she and her brother, Kelly, spotted what appeared to be a black package floating in the water.

The pair contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office about the suspicious package, leading to two border patrol agents making a striking confirmation.

There really is something in the water in Florida

It turned out that what she found was 70 pounds of cocaine, worth an estimated street value of $1.1 million.

Castor had previously served in the Tampa Police Department, including eight years in narcotics and six as the police chief.

The problem has been festering for a while.

The Biden Administration simply refuses to secure our country’s southern border.

As a result, in 2022 alone, roughly 70,000 Americans died from drugs smuggled into the country by Mexican cartels.

Illegal drugs are a pervasive problem in the area

As Right News Wire reported, thousands of sharks potentially ingested large bales of cocaine left in the water by drug smugglers.

The problem has gotten so pervasive that the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week premiered a new documentary during the series called Cocaine Sharks.

Marine Biologist Tom Hird said, “The deeper story here is the way that chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and illicit drugs are entering our waterways — entering our oceans — and what effect that they then could have on these delicate ocean ecosystems.”

This was not even the first time this summer that narcotics have been found in the island chain’s waters.

Back in July, boaters discovered 87 pounds of hashish offshore.

Still, another group found 62 pounds of cocaine that very same day, according to the Border Patrol.

But wait, there’s more

One week before Castor’s catch, a three-pound bale of marijuana was found floating in the Upper Keys, and just the day before, another individual discovered an eight-pound bale of marijuana floating in the Lower Keys.

Not only that, but another brick of cocaine weighing 2.7 pounds was found one week later, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

It’s truly a sign of the times we live in when so many narcotics of different kinds and quantities are left floating in the water near major points of illegal immigration and smuggling operations.

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