Roseanne Barr just destroyed David Hogg for making this tasteless attack

Aug 2, 2023

The woke mob has sharpened their pitchforks and lit their torches with their sights set on canceling comedian Roseanne Barr on several occasions.

But the liberal Trump-supporter has survived all the Left’s best efforts to silence her.

And now Roseanne just absolutely destroyed gun-grabbing activist David Hogg after he made a partisan attack that will turn your stomach.

Who is David Hogg?

David Hogg is no stranger to using tragedies to make a political name for himself.

Back in 2018, Hogg was a student at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

That year, a former student shot up the school, murdering 17 people.

While Hogg was nowhere near the deadly assault, it was no doubt a tragic and frightening event in his life.

However, he wasted no time in capitalizing.

The then 18-year-old became an instant celebrity by blaming law-abiding gun owners, the National Rifle Association, and every-day conservatives for the tragic school shooting.

Hogg would become arguably the most recognizable gun-grabbing advocate in the country and even led boycott efforts against Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham’s program.

While Hogg’s abrasive approach made him popular with the left-wing zealots who want to ban all guns, his star quickly began to fade.

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Hogg has piggybacked on every shooting tragedy in the country to take a shot at the Second Amendment and make a name for himself.

But recently his politicizing tactics hit a new low.

Hogg politicizes McConnell’s medical incident

While speaking to the media, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell started slurring his words and then froze.

It appeared he was having a medical episode – not unlike a stroke – in front of dozens of television cameras.

The Republican from Kentucky’s colleagues helped McConnell off the stage and to his office.

He would later resurface and finish his comments to the media.

While most of America worried about Kentucky’s Senior Senator’s health – even conservatives and moderate Democrats who aren’t fans of McConnell – many radical leftists used the incident as an opportunity to pounce.

One of those distasteful human beings was the aforementioned David Hogg.

“If Biden did what Mitch did today the media would be covering non stop (sic) for the next two weeks,” Hogg tweeted the same day of the health scare. “But because it’s a Republican it’s like nothing ever happened. The right wing (sic) bias of corporate media is nuts.”

Hogg was by no means the only woke radical to wish ill on McConnell – but his comments may have been the most bizarre.

Roseanne Barr vs. David Hogg

While many people were disgusted by Hogg’s comments – the queen of mean, Roseanne Barr did the best job putting Hogg in his place.

“This tweet should be in the Smithsonian,” Roseanne tweeted. “There has never been a more Democrat post in history. The lack of awareness, the lack of shame, the double standard, the absolute insanity and soy-induced frail boy bitchiness. Amazing. Absolute 10/10.”

Many others were quick to point out how factually inaccurate Hogg’s inappropriate comments were.

The fact is, President Joe Biden has moments like this frequently in his media addresses, and the press runs cover for him and blames it on a mysterious childhood stutter that never surfaced during his entire decades long-run as a U.S. Senator.

Big Media ignores Biden falling UP stairs, off bikes, and wandering aimlessly after speaking engagements.

Meanwhile, those same media types were all over the McConnel incident – which dominated news coverage that day.

As MAGA Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado rightly pointed out, CNN even sent out a mobile alert to its followers about the incident.

Not the first, and won’t be the last, time Hogg’s statements have been proven to be utterly without honesty or merit.

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