People who are fed up with woke Amazon now have an alternative, and Jeff Bezos is getting nervous

Oct 18, 2023

Amazon made our lives better, until it got woke.

It’s one of the largest companies in the entire world, in fact, a majority of Americans shop at the Amazon marketplace, and its tentacles go far beyond mere online shopping.

But now Amazon executives are looking over their shoulders and biting off all their nails as they watch this conservative competitor catching up to them.

Amazon’s woke digital monopoly

Currently, an astounding 300,000,000-plus people are active Amazon users.

65% of Americans say they use the marketplace at least monthly.

And more than 150,000,000 Americans are Amazon Prime Subscribers.

Jeff Bezos’s giant conglomerate seemingly has no bounds and an inescapable stranglehold on the digital marketplace.

Unfortunately, Bezos isn’t following Spiderman’s mantra of: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The man who also owns The Washington Post is pushing products from Leftist companies, giving your money to radical non-profit organizations, and contributing to the indoctrination of society with woke propaganda.

Fortunately, a new conservative alternative to Amazon has launched and has just reached some landmark achievements, with the biggest milestone coming next, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

PublicSq vs Amazon

PublicSq is one of the companies leading the effort for a parallel economy for non-woke Americans.

The conservative alternative to Amazon is publicly traded and even rang the iconic stock exchange morning bell.

Something foreign to Wall Street happened during the festivities.

As you can hear in the above video, a ruckus “USA” chant broke out on the exchange floor while PublicSq CEO Michael Seifert rang the bell.

But now Seifert and his team have some empirical success to celebrate.

Welcome to the parallel economy

PublicSq just released its 2023 third quarter report, and it was a huge quarter for the free speech-loving company.

Third quarter earnings were up about 300% from the prior quarter – that’s astronomical growth for the startup business.

Year-over-year, the growth is even more remarkable.

The $2.2-million in revenue for PublicSq in 3Q23 is up 1,600% from 3Q22.

“These preliminary results speak not just to our rapid early adoption, but to our conviction that patriotic consumers and businesses alike seek a mission-aligned commerce ecosystem,” Seifert said. “We are continuing to build this business for the long-term and we are just getting started.”

As Seifert mentioned, these are preliminary numbers.

The company will release full and official results in mid-November.

PublicSq ended the third quarter with over $25-million cash on hand.

The revenue efforts were led by Public Sq’s pro-life baby care brand, EveryLife.

EveryLife is a direct-to-consumer brand selling per-purchase or subscription supplies of diapers and wipes, while contributing to pro-life causes.

In less than 3 months of operations, it achieved over $3.5 million of annualized subscription revenue.

Just in time for the Holidays

But the most anxiety-inspiring news for Amazon could be PublicSq’s next innovative phase.

Seifert announced that PublicSq is ready to introduce the company’s one-stop-shop eCommerce functionality.

PublicSq’s e-shopping experience is scheduled to roll out on November first, just in time for conservative consumers to begin their Christmas shopping.

According to Seifert, they will launch with more than 400,000 products ready for purchase in the app.

PublicSq already features 70,000 businesses from a variety of different industries and roughly 1.6 million consumer members.

The days of Amazon’s monopoly could soon be coming to an end.

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