A Super Bowl champion issued one challenge to Dr. Fauci that you have to see to believe

Oct 17, 2023

Not every athlete is a woke drone that repeats the propaganda from liberal elites.

There are a rare few who speak out against the government and media narratives.

And a Super Bowl champion issued one challenge to Dr. Fauci that you have to see to believe.

Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers escalated his feud with Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Rodgers mocked Kelce as “Mr. Pfizer” for Kelce appearing in a commercial urging Americans to take yet another COVID booster.

Kelce responded by firing back that Rodgers played for the Jets, who are owned by Woody Johnson who is one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Kelce responded. “With the ‘stache, I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer. Who knew I’d get into vax wars with Aaron Rodgers, man? Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson & Johnson family over there.”

Rodgers shot back on The Pat McAfee Show challenging Kelce to debate him on the merits of the COVID vaccines.

The former Super Bowl champion upped the stakes, saying he would bring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Kelce could bring in Dr. Anthony Fauci as his tag team partner.

“Mr. Pfizer said he didn’t think he would be in a vax war with me. If you want to have some sort of debate, come on the show. I’m going to take my man RFK Jr. He can have Tony Fauci or some other pharma-crat,” Rodgers declared.

“But if you want to have some sort of duel, debate, have me on the podcast. Come on the show! Let’s have a conversation. Let’s do it like in ‘John Wick 4,’ so we both have a second — someone to help us out,” Rodgers added.

ESPN, which airs The Pat McAfee Show, immediately came under fire for airing so-called “misinformation” about the COVID vaccine.

But what the Left is really afraid of is an open and honest debate about the COVID vaccines.

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