National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is wishing he could take back this statement

Oct 20, 2023

Leftist media pundits like to claim that the Biden administration is now staffed by “adults” who know what they are doing.

Such statements would be laughable if the current state of world affairs wasn’t so tragic.

Now Jake Sullivan is making everyone wonder if anyone in the White House knows what’s going on after he made this statement that he desperately wishes he could take back.

The Biden Administration has been an unmitigated disaster.

From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that led to the deaths of thirteen servicemen to the utter failure to secure the border, the performance of the group of people in power is abysmal.

That’s before we even get around to talking about the supply chain issues and unprecedented inflation.

Joe Biden’s failures would be bad enough, but the fact that he’s surrounded himself with people who are no more capable than he is makes a bad situation even worse.

At the top of the list of those who continue to get it wrong and maintain employment at taxpayer’s expense, nonetheless, is National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Earlier this month, just a week before the terror attack on Israel by Hamas, Sullivan was caught on camera bragging about how the Middle East was quieter than it had been in two decades.

Video evidence of incompetence

Sullivan said, “We want to depressurize, de-escalate and ultimately integrate the Middle East region . . . The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.”

Those comments didn’t age well.

These comments were no doubt being uttered at exactly the time that Hamas was planning the attack, and the idea of “integration” of the Middle East into a region dominated by Iran is nothing if not ill-conceived.

When even corporate media call out a Democrat administration for bone-headedness, you know we’re talking about a major blunder.

Sullivan was asked about his remarks on NBC’s Meet The Press, where he was asked, “Jake, how was your assessment [that ‘the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades’] so off the mark?”

He answered the question with a bumbling response saying that he said, “For now” and that conditions in the Middle East “could change.”

While that is true, it shows a lack of awareness about what was going on in the region.

A problematic pattern of failure

Sullivan was also instrumental in the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan two years ago, for which many have opined that it should have cost him his job.

Robert Greenway got to the crux of the matter on X, writing, “You cannot correct the errors you don’t recognize. This is the cardinal sin. Afghanistan, Sudan, Ukraine, Iran, Hamas…what will it take for this administration to admit an error and reverse course. How many icebergs do we need to hit before we change course?”

Indeed, the failures keep racking up for Team Biden.

Contrast this with the previous administration, which can boast of bringing peace to the Middle East with the Abraham Accords and the defeat of ISIS.

If the recent mountain of failures is evidence that the adults are back in charge, then perhaps it’s time for the American people to demand emancipation.

They’ll get their chance in a little over 12 months.

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