Michigan State Football shared one inappropriate image on the jumbotron that has fans fuming

Oct 25, 2023

Everyone loves the Jumbotron at a football game.

But this is one time when the Jumbotron didn’t entertain anyone.

The Michigan State Football program shared one inappropriate image on the jumbotron that has fans fuming.

Some things you just don’t do

There are just some things you try to keep to yourself, or try not to do when you’re out in public.

We can all name a few.

For one, you try not to break wind in a public place.

Also, you know to cover your nose when you sneeze.

Fortunately, most people have enough self-awareness to follow these general rules.

Well, the sports world learned firsthand this weekend that Michigan State doesn’t have any self-awareness, especially the production and public relations team.

Spartans for Hitler?

Michigan State this weekend had an overall awful weekend against the University of Michigan.

On the field, the Spartans got their butts stomped in a 49 to 0 loss to the Wolverines.

And as they were getting their butt stomped, Michigan State was playing dirty trying to seriously hurt other players with hits that should really be charged as assault.

It wasn’t just their players that were not performing this weekend; someone on their production team was dumb enough to put a graphic of Adolf Hitler on their jumbotron screen.

Now that’s something everyone should know not to do in today’s day and age.

But such self-awareness eluded Michigan State as much as an effective offense.

While the Spartans were getting whooped, they were entertaining fans in the stands with trivia questions like “In Star Trek, what color was Spock’s blood?”

Well, then they were asked, “What country was Adolf Hitler born in?”

That question isn’t too bad, but to take it to a new level of idiocy, they shared a big picture of Hitler grinning.

In Michigan State’s defense, they claimed that they were just using questions from “the Quiz Channel”.

And seeing their error, like they should have before putting it on the big screen, Michigan State spokesman Matt Larson stated later on in the game, “MSU will not be using the third-party source going forward and will implement stronger screening and approval procedures for all videoboard content in the future.”

Even Michigan State’s Athletic Director Alan Haller went on the defensive after he released a statement reading, “I am deeply sorry for the offensive image we displayed on the Spartan Stadium video boards Saturday night. I apologize for the pain it has caused our community.”

It’s just amazing that in 2023, with all the political correctness and people always mad about something, that someone at Michigan State thought a question like this would be appropriate for the game.

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