Joe Biden made it abundantly clear that he knows better than parents what kids should be reading

Oct 24, 2023

President Joe Biden likes to talk about uniting the United States, even going as far as giving televised prime-time addresses on the topic.

And typically, the next sentence out of his mouth will be about the dangers posed by Americans who voted against him in the last election.

But now the Biden Administration is making one move that is driving the proverbial knife right into the backs of all American moms and dads.

American parents are waking up

One of the few silver linings of the COVID 19 pandemic restrictions was the eye-opening effect it had on parents from coast-to-coast.

While students were forced to participate in at-home classes, many parents, for the first time, noticed the propaganda teachers were spreading.

Parents started digging and were disturbed by what they found.

Among other things, they discovered a deluge of children’s books peddling pornographic materials while disguised as so-called “Queer Theory” literature.

Moms and dads were understandably outraged.

It was enough motivation for parents to begin attending school board meetings and urging their respective boards to remove the filth from the libraries.

As woke school board members resisted, it further motivated more parents to even run for board seats.

And now, Republicans in Congress are finally joining the fight.

Republicans siding with parents

The Daily Signal is reporting Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Subcommittee Chairman Republican Rep. Aaron Bean of Florida is holding hearings on the availability in schools of explicit sexual content targeting young children.

Bean counters arguments from Democrats, calling efforts to remove the obscene materials from schools as “book banning.”

“Some of my Democrat colleagues will inevitably accuse Republicans of engaging in a widespread campaign to ‘ban’ books because of racial animus or prejudice against LGBT students,” Bean said in his opening statement. “However, none of the evidence suggests books are being removed for any reason other than inappropriate, explicit content.”

It is important to note that what parents want is age-appropriateness for school libraries, and no one is suggesting these books not remain available for purchase by anyone willing to pay for them.

Biden’s book-review czar

The Biden Administration is likely keeping a close eye on the hearings.

According to The Daily Signal, Rep. Bean used the hearing to expose President Joe Biden’s efforts to keep the pornography in school.

“President Biden appointed a book-review czar to monitor the actions of local school boards and potentially penalize them for simply reviewing books,” Bean said. “I see this as a dangerous step and a violation of federalist principles.”

Bean added that it is that exact kind of meddling by Biden’s White House into local and state issues that creates a need for federal legislation barring age-inappropriate materials from government-run school libraries.

And while the Biden Administration is monitoring schools to make sure proper virtue signaling to the LGBT community is being observed, this is far from the first time President Biden has targeted concerned parents.

Biden’s DOJ targets concerned parents

In fact, Biden and his team have gone as far as labeling those same parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee and has been investigating President Biden’s weaponization of government agencies.

“President Joe Biden was excited … to go after parents with the FBI after receiving the National School Boards Association (NSBA) letter asking his administration to treat concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists and use the Patriot Act,” Rep. Jordan told Breitbart News at the time.

Jordan was referencing a letter exchange between NSBA and Biden’s hand-picked U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

AG Garland then sent a memo to the FBI directing the G-Men to treat parents concerned about hateful Critical Race Theory in the classroom as “domestic terrorists.”

It’s all part of the ongoing pattern of the Biden Administration putting their preferred special interest groups, the ones that help Democrats win elections, above everyday American families.

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