Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on Keith Olbermann with this brutal take down

Apr 28, 2023

Former ESPN personality Keith Olbermann is one of the most unhinged voices on the Left.

He thought he could get away with a cheap shot against Megyn Kelly.

But Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on Keith Olbermann with this brutal take down.

Fallout over Tucker Carlson’s departure continues

Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News is dominating the conversation in the media sphere.

The Left was jubilant that their longtime foe was finally taken off of the air.

The hosts of ABC’s The View celebrated the news of Carlson’s ousting on their show with cheering, singing, and dancing with their audience.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly slammed the ladies of The View celebrating Carlson’s departure on social media.

“The studio audience at @TheView broke out in applause when Tucker Carlson’s ouster was announced,” former CNN host Brian Stelter said, with a clip of the show after Carlson’s departure. “Then the co-hosts did a wave and led the crowd in singing ‘GOODBYE.’”

Kelly pointed out the truth about the hosts of The View.

“Not one of these women could solo host a show and get ratings,” Kelly said.

“Not one. They are & will always be ensemble players. Their jealousy is on full display here, and ideological hatred too of course.”

Former ESPN and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is unemployed and frequently flies off the handle on Twitter.

He decided to see if he could land a pot shot against the far more successful Kelly.

“What would you know about successfully hosting a show?” Olbermann said. “Fired by Fox, fired by NBC. You’re 0-for-2 and you couldn’t get a job cleaning the studio at The View.”

Megyn Kelly destroys Olbermann

Kelly decided to take off the gloves against Olbermann on her SiriusXM show.

“First of all, you misstate the circumstances of my departure from NBC, sir. That’s all I’m allowed to say about it,” Kelly said.

She left Fox News in 2017 to move to NBC to host a Sunday night show and a weekly daytime program.

“And as for Fox, there were widely reported facts that I was offered $100 million to stay there, but the record is very clear that I left voluntarily because I wanted to raise my family, something you don’t know anything about because no one would marry you,” Kelly explained.

The 64-year-old unemployed media personality has never been married, while Kelly has three children with her husband.

“And you have no children,” Kelly added. “You have a cold, lonely life in which you’ve become a bitter, bitter man. Something I wouldn’t know anything about because my life is joyful and I’ve managed to raise my own children, and someday, I hope you have that pleasure, but I don’t have high hopes of that happening.”

Keith Olbermann learned an important lesson about not attacking Megyn Kelly after her brutal critique.

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