Marjorie Taylor Greene warned of an attack on Americans’ rights following the introduction of radical legislation

Apr 13, 2023

Radical Democrats will stop at nothing to change the cultural and political landscape of America.

The Left wants to rip apart the country by dismantling our social cohesion and national identity.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene warned of an attack on Americans’ rights following the introduction of radical legislation.

Radical leftists push new “Transgender Day of Visibility” in wake of Nashville shooting

Days after the tragic shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Joe Biden and the Democrats showed their sympathies for the shooter and the community that she proudly belonged to.

Biden even recognized a made-up International holiday – the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Democrat Senator, Ed Markey said “On this and every International Transgender Day of Visibility, we are reminded of our moral obligation to defend the fundamental rights of trans people against violence, discrimination and bigotry that too often mark their lived experience in our country.”

Markey said “lives” and “the health, safety, and freedom of trans people are at stake.”

He called on Congress “to take a stand in the face of dangerous, transphobic attacks waged by far-right state legislatures and once again reaffirm our nation’s bedrock commitment to equality and justice for all.”

Then his colleague and Co-Chair of the Transgender Equality Task Force, Pramila Jayapal, made a bold move.

“Trans Bill of Rights” would guarantee “every child” can choose their own gender at school

Jayapal introduced the “Trans Bill of Rights,” which she says is necessary, following the “constant onslaught of anti-trans rhetoric and legislation coming from elected officials.”

She said that the bill was a promise to “stand with [the transgender community] to ensure [they] are protected…”

According to the press release from her office, the bill seeks to amend “the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to explicitly include gender identity and sex characteristics as protected characteristics and [will amend] federal education laws to explicitly clarify that they protect students” in the LGBT community.

The bill says that “every child has the right to grow up in a supportive environment by having their authentic identity respected” and that the federal government should recognize “the right to bodily autonomy and ethical healthcare by expanding access to gender-affirming medical care.”

Democrats want to see the Department of Justice “designate a liaison within the Civil Rights Division” to enforce “the civil rights of transgender people.”

They believe this is necessary to promote “the safety of trans and nonbinary people.”

But the bill received strong condemnation by Republicans, and Marjorie Taylor Greene led the charge.

MTG says the bill would “destroy Title IV and women’s rights” if it passes Congress

Greene responded to the “Trans Bill of Rights” by taking to Twitter to “sound the alarm.”

She warned that the bill would mean trans people would “become a protected class and women’s rights are totally and completely annihilated.”

“Men pretending to be women would not just be equal to women in all areas, they would be preferred and above all women, essentially replacing women,” Greene explained, adding that “calls for laws to ensure students have the right to participate in sports” would “destroy Title IV and women’s rights.”

The bill further calls for “codification of Roe v. Wade,” which has nothing to do with Trans rights.

Greene says that this will “ensure the murder of babies all over America.”

It would also prohibit “the withholding of service to trans people on religious grounds” ultimately destroying religious liberty.

This bill would see a fundamental change to America and further divide our country based on so-called “oppressed” groups.

MTG says, “If you are trans, you already have the same rights as every other American, but now your identity is being used as a weapon to destroy all of our rights . . .”

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