Kamala Harris described banning firearms by one word that should terrify law-abiding gun owners

Apr 25, 2023

Mitch McConnell and Senate RINOs handed Joe Biden and Democrats major victories on gun control last year.

But Democrats will not stop until they achieve their ultimate goal of a “gun free” America.

And Kamala Harris described banning firearms by one word that should terrify law-abiding gun owners.

Never let a crisis go to waste

President Joe Biden responded to the horrific Christian school shooting perpetrated by a deranged transgender activist in Nashville, Tennessee, in which six people – including three nine-year-old children – were murdered, by calling on Congress to pass new gun control laws.

Biden specifically demanded Congress send a so-called “assault weapons” ban to his desk.

Democrats and self-proclaimed “journalists” across the board echoed President Biden’s call to once again ban so-called “assault weapons” in America.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on CBS Mornings and attacked the very concept of owning a firearm during an interview with host Gayle King.

“We are the only developed country on the planet where its citizens can have unfettered access to firearms,” Obama ranted. “That is not a good thing.”

Biden also dispatched Vice President Kamala Harris to try and sell an “assault weapons” ban to working class American people.

Kamala wages war on gun owners

On Thursday, Harris pushed the regime’s anti-gun agenda during an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show.

The Vice President attempted to make the case that it’s possible to support the Second Amendment and gun control at the same time.

“We should not have to be presented with this false choice which suggests you are in favor of the Second Amendment or you want reasonable gun safety laws,” Harris said. “That is a false choice.”

Harris listed off a number of gun control schemes that she claimed did not violate the Second Amendment, such as background checks and so-called “red flag” confiscation laws, which not only strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, but also their 14th Amendment right to due process.

But then Harris turned to President Biden’s top priority of passing a new “assault weapons” ban.

“It is reasonable to say weapons of war have no place on the streets of America,” Harris ranted. “I mean assault weapons, weapons of war,” she continued, before adding that, “they were designed to be weapons of war.”

Lies and damned lies

Of course, this is patently false.

AR-15s, and other so-called “assault weapons,” are not used by soldiers on the battlefield.

But Kamala Harris, and Democrats like her, have never cared about the truth.

“We need an assault weapons ban,” she added. “These are reasonable things to do.”

Harris then directly attacked Americans as “pitiful” people for not having “the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and the NRA.”

She concluded by declaring that, “I support the Second Amendment, but we need reasonable gun safety laws.”

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and most other Democrats frequently claim to support the Second Amendment.

But the reality is that they wrongly believe the Second Amendment only guarantees the government a right to own firearms for the purpose of armies and militias.

And if Democrats get their way, they will ban and confiscate every firearm in America under the banner of supporting the Second Amendment.

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