Joe Biden’s latest scheme will slash your household income even more

Oct 2, 2023

President Joe Biden is running for four more years in the White House, claiming that he has improved the economic lives of Americans.

But while he runs on his “Bidenomics” record – the fact is that most Americans are in worse shape financially than they were four years ago.

And now the President is revealing a new radical scheme that will result in even less money in the bank accounts of the hardworking men and women in the United States.

Bidenomics and border czars

In less than one full term in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden has managed to make a mess out of virtually everything, but particularly, he has ruined the United States’ southern border and the economy.

While President Biden tries to convince voters that the economy has been gangbusters, American workers know that couldn’t be further from the truth as they feel the pinch of full-time jobs being replaced by part-time jobs, stagnant wages, and runaway inflation.

Meanwhile, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, about 7,000,000 illegals have crossed the U.S. border since the Biden Administration and his supposed “border czar” Vice President Kamala Harris took over the White House.

In fact, in April, the Center for Immigration Studies reported that the President released more than 2,000,000 illegals into the interior of the United States, and another 1.3 million “got away” at the border.

The open borders supporters in both parties couldn’t be happier with the results – including limousine liberals who like the cheap labor these illegals provide.

But now Biden has a new plan to make matters even worse.

Even Lindsey Graham is calling out the Biden border plan

Newsmax is reporting that President Biden has plans to bring another 1,000,000 migrants from Venezuela.

During an interview with Wake Up America on Newsmax’s cable channel, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina revealed a detail in the President’s plan that is even more troubling.

According to Sen. Graham, Biden’s plan includes giving half of those million new immigrants work visas.

The move comes while unemployment rates are beginning to rise, workforce participation rates are in the tank, wages are down, and the prices for everything from food to gas to automobiles to housing are through the roof.

The new Venezuelan workers will only further lower wages for hardworking men and women in America.

But wait…there’s more

According to Graham, Biden has even more dubious plans for the U.S. southern border than is already in a state of crisis.

“In the supplemental sent to Congress to help with emergencies, you know what the Biden administration did on border security?” Sen. Graham asked rhetorically.

“They defunded ICE, the enforcement part of immigration; they took money from ICE, and we’re going to put it into community shelters, which means more space for illegal immigrants.”

Graham went on to add that the Biden Administration is doing “everything but take an ad out all over the world: Come to America, if you get here, you’ll never leave.”

The South Carolina U.S. Senator concluded the Newsmax interview by saying Biden and his team know exactly what they’re doing, and these moves are purposeful.

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