Bud Light executives are unleashing a corporate Armageddon now that their secret efforts to continue pushing woke extremism have been exposed

Oct 4, 2023

Nearly six months after Bud Light’s downfall began, the company is still a raging dumpster fire and continues to be a cautionary tale for many corporate executives around the world.

But apparently, despite all the noise, the beer brand didn’t actually learn anything from the massive hit it took for promoting woke extremist political views.

But Bud Light executives have not seemed to have learned anything, and they are bracing for more pain as their continued support for the woke agenda has been publicly exposed.

Everyone should have seen this coming

Since Bud Light made the disastrous decision to go all-in on woke extremism back on April Fool’s Day, the company’s sales have reportedly declined by nearly 30% year-over-year.

As a result, the company has made a big show of pandering to its working-class customer base and firing several known woke extremist employees in an attempt to settle down the blowback they’ve faced.

But based on a new report, it’s all just one big charade.

The UK-based Guardian released a rather lengthy report last week in which the outlet attempted to conduct a complete autopsy of Bud Light’s months-long woke downfall in an attempt to gauge the impact it actually had on the company.

In doing so, The Guardian also spoke with several of the woke extremist organizations Bud Light was allied with in the past – and will be in the future.

And according to those sources, despite all the blowback it’s faced, Bud Light has never stopped using its resources to push woke extremism.

In fact, according to a spokesperson for Phoenix Pride, Bud Light’s sponsorship is one of the primary reasons they’re able to put on events like a festival the group is hosting next month that features “family-friendly drag entertainment.”

“We’re going to be putting on a full weekend of family-friendly drag entertainment, less than three miles from the Arizona capital, where they’re trying to shut down that entire culture,” Phoenix Pride spokesperson Jeremy M Helfgot said. “It’s only because of the support of corporate partners like Bud Light that we can do that.”

Driving the conversation

Based on The Guardian report, it seems as though Bud Light’s involvement may not be stopping at sponsorships that quietly push woke extremism either.

Alyssa Nitchun, the executive director of New York’s LGBTQ+-focused Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, essentially signaled that woke extremists are now taking up the strategy of calling on companies, like Bud Light, to allow them to “drive the conversation” in light of their woke fiasco.

“In light of what happened with Bud Light and other canceled brands, they should trust organizations like ours to drive the conversation,” Nitchun claimed. “You want to support the LGBTQIA+ community? Ask the queer folks working for you what they want and need.”

Put simply, Nitchun wants corporations like Bud Light to hand over all the resources they need to force woke extremism on the populace without providing any oversight whatsoever for how the money is spent.

Quite frankly, while it sounds like a rather outrageous offer on its surface, it may actually be something woke companies like Bud Light consider.

After all, despite all the issues they’ve faced and the lack of any stabilization in light of their efforts to supposedly “fix” the situation, Bud Light has still yet to admit they were wrong and apologize to their working-class customer base, which doesn’t want any political agenda forced on them by corporate overlords.

And with the company still quietly funding woke extremist efforts, who’s to say they wouldn’t just quietly hand over all the money they’ve already been spending on woke extremism to allow the woke left-wing outrage mob to truly “drive the conversation?”

Besides, one former Bud Light employee told The Guardian that one of the primary reasons the company faced such issues during its woke fiasco was due to a “lack of leadership.”

“There was a lot of panic and a lot of rash decision-making,” a former employee said. “We didn’t hear anything from leadership for over a month, and then after a few weeks, someone high up at Anheuser-Busch released a statement that pretty much said nothing.”

If you think for a second Bud Light executives wouldn’t be happy to allow woke extremists to fill that “leadership” void, you haven’t been paying attention.

Woke extremists will stop at nothing to force their agenda on the American people, and companies like Bud Light are still all too happy to help them do it.

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