Joe Biden is spitting mad after Democrats got caught in a $4.7 million donor fraud scheme

Apr 17, 2023

Republicans have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how the Democrats are outraising them online.

But after this blockbuster undercover journalist’s report, it seems the Democrats weren’t so much successful as they were sleazy.

And Joe Biden is spitting mad after Democrats got caught in a $4.7 million donor fraud scheme.

In the last few years the Democrats, through Act Blue, have demolished the GOP in online fundraising.

A bizarre occurrence in Democrat campaign filings

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe and Election Watch have unearthed a bizarre occurrence in Democrat campaign reports.

It turns out that thousands of small donations, totaling close to a couple of hundred thousand dollars per person, were made to Democrats, mostly from elderly Democrats.

And it seemed rather odd to O’Keefe that these elderly people, who almost all live sparse middle to lower class lives and are even unemployed in many cases, would contribute excessive donations.

Excessive because they average out to multiple donations a day for years.

Most political donors do not make donations like that.

The vast majority might give one or two times a month, or maybe even 4 or 5 per month.

And some donors sign up to contribute automatically once a month, but almost no donors of any size give multiple times a day.

Especially not people whose previous donations were $5 or $15 once or twice a year!

It turns out, money laundering may have been occurring on a massive scale.

The key to this plan was using the elderly, small donor names and addresses since they were far less likely to discover what was happening than younger people.

New group, same mission

O’Keefe, the founder of highly respected Project Veritas, was booted from that organization by an out-of-control board more worried about pressure from the political class than exposing the truth.

So O’Keefe founded a new group, O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), after parting ways with Project Veritas.

And he vowed OMG would be even more effective.

So to look into these odd donations, O’Keefe began showing up at the homes of many of these elderly donors to ask them about the excessive contributions.

All of the donors O’Keefe visited appeared to be Democrats of very modest means, and all seemed totally confused about the donations.

And all of the donors O’Keefe spoke with denied ever making anything but a few small amounts.

Janet for injustice?

One of the recipients of the multiple small donations was Janet for Justice, the campaign of Janet Protasiewicz, who won her Wisconsin Supreme Court race narrowly.

Her win against a strong conservative pro-life former judge tipped the balance on the court in favor of radical pro-abortion, anti-right to work judges.

Election Watch believes the money may very well be coming from overseas interests since the small amounts exactly correlate to currency exchange differences.

These strange contributions totaled $4.7 million.

All the donations, amounts, dates, and the supposed person giving them are publicly available on the FEC’s website.

O’Keefe and his crew showed up at the home of Michael Jamieson in Maryland, who, according to the FEC reports, had allegedly contributed 3,000 times totaling $32,000.

When asked about the donations, Jamieson, whose employment on the donations was listed as “unemployed,” said, “Stop f****** with me.”

O’Keefe then went to the home of Cindy Nowe, who allegedly contributed 1,000 times to ActBlue, totaling $18,000.

She told O’Keefe she only donated to ActBlue for “$5 once in a while” because she has “various charities” she likes to give to.

When he asked her if she’d donated $18,000 to the Democrat front group, she adamantly said no.

O’Keefe next visited with Carolyn Lenz in Tucson, AZ, who supposedly donated $170,000 through 18,000 separate contributions within the past seven years.

When asked about these donations, she simply said, “No, no, no, no, no,” and kept repeating, “absolutely not.”

And then there was 80-year-old Garland Riggs, who allegedly made 31,000 contributions totaling $230,000.

He told O’Keefe he didn’t make those donations.

O’Keefe not the only one investigating

Brightline Investigations’ Kyle Corrigan, part of the Election Watch team, interviewed Richard in Wisconsin about allegedly donating 8,000 times.

He responded, “That seems a little odd – that seems too high. Maybe 800.” He went on to say he only donates once a month.

Citizen journalists also visited Lori Ball, who allegedly made about 500 donations totaling $7,000.

Ball flatly denied donating seven times in one day, and said she only donates $5 per month.

And Jan Weisburg in Southern California, who allegedly donated $60,000 at $5,000 per month over the past year, bluntly stated, “No, I can’t do that,” and then said, “someone is using my name.”

Democrats finding themselves on the donor list are beginning to speak out too.

One took to Twitter to admit they had not made donations to ActBlue that were reported on the FEC’s site.

Considering all of the paper donors discovered so far are over 65, this involves not just campaign finance laws, identity theft, and possible money laundering, but also elder abuse.

This isn’t the first time ActBlue has been accused of strange donations.

In 2019, $346 million in donations to ActBlue were made by people claiming to be unemployed.

Now to see if anyone, anywhere, will bring the appropriate legal action and shut down this massive money laundering machine.

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